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DIY Moroccan Styled Lanterns

All of us have some sauce jars from time to time. You can turn them into cool Moroccan lanterns in a matter of hours. For the project you’ll need gold dimensional paint and some glass paint. Using applicator bottle cover jar’s top with dimensional paint. After than pour some glass paint into the bottom of the jar and drag it up the sides with a soft brush. You can use different glass paints and different jars and make a small composition of such lanterns. They would look great at night with tea lights inside them.


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  1. ananya Says:

    very nice and inspiring

  2. Ella Wayfarer Says:

    Beautiful! If you still read this (yeeeaars later), which paint did you use for the gold? I’m trying to find dimensional paint (in Germany, maybe that’s the problem) and can’t find anything good…
    ♡ Ella

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