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DIY Lighted Natural Wall Art

Here is a really cool DIY wall art idea that you might like. A canvas with lighted branches and moss is perfect way to bring some nature and light into your interior. To make such canvas besides lighted branches you’ll need a bundle of sticks, a bag of moss, green canvas paint, canvas molding paste, paste spatula, a paint brush, E6000 glue and a staple gun.


Mix molding paste with green paint and apply the mixture to the canvas. Let the paste dry overnight and apply some green paint. When it dries, glue lighted branches and sticks. Next, glue moss to cover the cords and hang up your new wall art when glue is dry.


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  1. katy Says:

    how do you keep it lit without the cords showing?? do you have battery operated lights?

  2. Mike Says:

    Cords reminds tree trunks so you can show them =)

  3. marina Says:

    so are the lights battery powered? and did you buy lights with brown cords already?

  4. Hillary Says:

    What do you need the staple gun for?

  5. brad Says:

    I really like that style of lighted branches. I just bought one but it’s stands on the floor rather than hang from a wall. I got it from a site called worldtohome.com, they have a pretty decent selection of these kind of lights. If anyone is interested here’s a link.


  6. Brynn Ellis Says:

    I have these lights…Where are you running the cord, or for the pictures sake is it hiding behind the candlestick…?

  7. Cherise Alexander Says:

    I wish that the directions offered a little more..direction. However, in order to keep the cord concealed, my suggestion would be to still cover the cords with moss, however, add a hole that you can put the cord through to the back. There you can put stuff needed to have battery operated lights. I am not sure what the staple gun is used for, however, you could use it to make sure that the battery stuff and cords stay somewhat mounted on the wood siding of the canvas.

  8. gabip Says:

    Reminds me of Phoebe Buffay’s “Glady’s” artwork…..


  9. Denise Weick Says:

    Thia would be so fun to make it spooky for Halloween!!! add bats to the sky and a moon, maybe a ghost made of a white fabric as well. just have fun with it!

  10. Wanda Says:

    Directions I found online…
    Shopping List
    •2 packs of tall lighted branches
    •Bundle of sticks
    •Bag of moss
    •Green canvas paint
    •Canvas Molding Paste 16oz
    •Paste spatula
    •Paint brush
    •E6000 glue

    Tools Needed
    •Staple gun


    Start by mixing molding paste with green paint.

    Then apply to canvas to give it texture.

    Let paste dry overnight, then apply green paint to give the project some depth.

    After paint has dried, glue lighted branches and sticks with E6000 glue. Make sure cords are at the bottom of the painting.

    Add the moss to cover the cords and create texture at the bottom.

    After glue is dry, display and hang up.

  11. Kim Says:

    I would love to try this with my son!

  12. Jeaniechampagne Says:

    Some of the steps are very vague….. It’s adorable…. What kind of lights? How are the lights attached to the twigs? How are the twigs attached to the canvas?

  13. kristine Says:

    What size canvas would you use? Im guessing it would depend on the size branches you can find. I guess I answered my own question.

  14. Diane Says:

    These branches look like the ones with the lights already attached. Big Lots, Kirkland’s, & Walmart all carry them (I’m sure there are others too). They can be purchased using a battery pack (which hasn’t been known to last very long) or electric. I agree with an earlier post re: staple gun – probably used to hold cords in place either on the canvas side or back. Please keep in mind these are only my speculations based primarily on the fact that I own a set of the lighted branches in both electric and battery powered. And that upon close inspection of the pictured branches they certainly do resemble mine.

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