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DIY Honey Walnut Milk Soap

We have told of many cool soap recipes that you can easily make yourself, and here’s one more idea of an extra moisturizing soap that’s perfect for the winter or for anyone with dry skin – it’s honey walnut milk soap. The supplies are 5 oz. canola oil, 15 oz. coconut oil, 15 oz. olive oil, 5 oz. safflower oil, 5 oz. sunflower oil, 12.6 oz. milk, frozen to a slushy state and 6.4 oz. lye. Though many people suggest using goat milk, regular cow milk is also fine. The process of making is that of regular cold process milk soap, the only thing you need to add is 3 tablespoons of honey right before mixture reaches trace. Mix in 3 ounces of finely ground walnuts at trace. Leave the soap for 4-6 weeks before using or gifting and enjoy!


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  1. zahra Says:

    Wow they look amazing.

    Will the milk not start to smell or go off?

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