DIY Hanging Lanterns With Candles

Hanging candles are very popular for indoors and outdoors – these are perfect lanterns, romantic and simple to make. You can easily make ones, you’ll need knitting yarn/sturdy thin rope, jam glasses, candles. Cut your rope into pieces, tie all the pieces into a knot. Pull tight and separate the rope pieces into pairs. Take the pieces of one pair and tie them into a knot a few inches from your big knot. Go from pair to pair until all have been tied. For the next knots, you’ll be taking your strands from different pairs. Tie those two pieces the same way. Work around the circle until you’ve created another row of knots all the way around. Depending on how big your potted plant is and how detailed you’d like to go, you can keep tying knots around and around or call it done. Enjoy!

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