DIY Hanging Candle Lanterns For Outdoors

It’s not too cold still for spending cool time outdoors. To create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere let’s make some simple lanterns for outdoors. You’ll need glass jars, twine, candles and scissors. First, tie a small piece of string around the rim of your jar. Then cut three pieces of string about 24 inches in length. Tie two together in the middle, and then tie the third one on. Set the “spider” down on your work surface. Now thread each strand up the jar and pull through the piece of string on the rim. Do so evenly around the jar to create six stripes; then tie a knot at the top. Secure again with a second string around the rim of the jar and drop your candle in. Be sure not to hang your lanterns too close to any loose leaves or twigs not to make a fire.


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