DIY Hand Creme With Oils And Vitamins

Homemade cosmetics are ideal because it’s all natural and doesn’t contain ingredients to which you may be allergic. The supplies are 15 ml of olive oil, 15 ml of jojoba oil, 5 g of cocoa butter, 5 g emulsifier, 55 ml distilled or boiled water, 5 ml of glycerine, 1 ml vitamin E, 5 g carbamide or regular salt, 10 drops lavender essential oil. Take your oils and butter and heat until all solid parts are melted in a microwave. All the rest ingredients should be heated separately but to the same temperature. Mix them and stir with a blender at the same time and continue mixing until the mix cools down to approximately 50°C. Transfer the finished cream into the jars of your choice and enjoy!

Source: arctida

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