DIY Geometric Patchwork Wall Art

How can you easily make some wall art? Make a patchwork wall art! The supplies are white form core board, colored paper, double-sided tape, self-healing cutting mat and metallic paper. Choose the best color for the room you’re going to decorate and cut all the paper into 12.5 cm (5 inch) squares first and then cut them in half into even triangles. Place them starting from the top left corner and add them in rows. Cut the foam core in half to have two pieces that measure 32 x 20 inches. Draw guidelines across the boards for each row of squares to follow. Run a line of double-sided tape above and below each guideline on both boards. Starting from the top left corner and the top of your stack, begin sticking down the triangles. Continue working on each row one at a time, moving down the board. When you finish working, just hang the boards on the wall and enjoy the view!

Source: craft.tutsplus

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