DIY Faux Wrought Iron Wall Art

Do you want to make wrought iron wall art for your walls by yourself? Do you want to spend days upon days with a welder and iron scraps making it? If the answer for the first question yes and for the second – no, then here a solution for you. Make faux wrought iron wall art of toiler paper rolls. The idea of using of toilet paper rolls for DIY wall art isn’t new but the implementation is.

First of all gather a lot of toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Then find some wood for the frames and some wrought iron art online to use as inspiration. Cut your toilet paper rolls down the side and unfold it, keeping the curl. To get a good curl take a strip of toilet paper roll and wrap it around a bamboo skewer or a paint brush. Hot glue it to the place right away so the curl stays curly. Keep copying the design until you got what you’ve wanted.

For more details visit Thrifty Crafty Girl.

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