DIY Casual Concrete Lamp For Outside

Today concrete is one of the favorite materials of many designers because creating things of it is easy and they look cool, modern and very casual. You can create a stylish concrete lamp for outside yourself. You’ll need a mold of plywood, styrofoam, wiring, a bulb and concrete. Try to choose the simplest design as it will be simpler to get it out of the mold and make the walls not thinner than 1-1/2’’. When you make the mold of plywood, add the wiring with the help of styrofoam. Start pouring concrete slowly and tap and move the concrete around to make sure it gets in the corners. Then use a piece of plastic to cover up the mold for a day. For the demolding, start with the simplest sides. Don’t forget to install the bulb and you’re done!

Source: homedit

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