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DIY 3D Wallpapers

Do you like these modern 3D wall panels that can add some dimension to your walls? If so you should probably know that you can make similar coverings by yourself without spending a lot of money on them. They are really expensive.

The idea is to use scrap pieces of MDF in different thickness and size to create any patterns you like on your walls. To add even more dimension to such covering you can space the pieces in a random manner. To fix these scraps on the wall you can use nails but nail holes should be covered with paintable caulk. After you’re done fixing your covering you can paint the entire wall.

The project is really inexpensive but quite cool. It can easily add some contemporary feel to any of your rooms.

Source: startribune


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  1. Virginia Says:

    What does “MDF” stand for? I’m really interested in this project…

  2. Mike Says:

    That is medium-density fibreboard. You can google for it or simply ask in your hardware store.

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