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Cool Kitchen Upgrade – Measurement Conversion Chart On A Door

Everybody who loves to cook struggle with measurement conversion problems from time to time. Here is an awesome idea to help you win in this battle if you’re one of such people. Glue a measurement conversion chart on a door of one of your cabinets. Such solution won’t spoil an overall kitchen design but definitely will help you in your cooking adventures.

The conversion chart on the picture is made as vinyl sticker and glued to the door. You can buy such sticker or make it by yourself. For details visit Infarrantlycreative.


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  1. M. A. Smith Says:

    Great idea! I am always fumbling around my cookbooks for those measure charts. It might take an afternoon to complete, but hey – it’s worth it!

  2. B. Thorn Says:

    or just use the metric system…

  3. B. Tarr Says:

    Hail to the metric system!

  4. CutnCrown Says:

    This is how you do the inside of a cabinet. Awesome Work, love creativity and unique.

  5. Xaromir Says:

    That’s why almost everyone uses the metric system.

  6. Katrina G Says:

    My Mom did this waaaay back before I was born in ’87.

  7. Unindoctrinated Says:

    I just want to yell LEARN METRIC but it’s not their fault their education system has let them down. Most of them aren’t even aware that they are in the tiniest minority by not using the Metric system. Three countries. That’s it. Myanmar, Liberia and the U.S. Not exactly a club with a glowing membership roster. Two incredibly backward countries and Liberia.

  8. dubzya Says:

    Americans do learn metric. We have the capacity for both. Wherever you are from, when your country starts putting men in space, and when your nation becomes relevant in science you can type a trite message here.
    til then, def ears.

  9. Bruce Says:

    Oh come on, that’s funny. “Two incredibly backward countries and Liberia.” I live in the United States and it IS really stupid we don’t use metric.

  10. Melodyhome Says:

    Very creative kitchen design.

  11. paul Says:

    Totally useless except for Americans and one third world country… learn metric my southern friends…

  12. BALD EAGLE Says:

    What part of Europe are you guys from? The asses we kicked or the asses we saved?

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