Cool DIY Spider Jewelry For Halloween

Halloween party won’t be cool without spiders, snakes and other scary creatures. Let’s make some pretty jewelry with these spooky insects! The supplies are a wire cutter, bent or straight nosed pliers, 24 or 26 gauge wire or cut head pins, large and small bead combinations, a broach pin or lapel pin blank. Cut one wire as the body wire for each spider and cut their legs. Put the head and body bead on the body wire; bend the leg wires in half. Add the leg wires one at a time.  Twist the leg wire around both parts of the body wire and using your pliers to bend the tip of each leg to make feet. Use the ends of the body wire to make a loop for a necklace or to secure a broach pin. Your Halloween jewelry is ready, don’t forget to put it on for the party!

Source: mylaughinglion

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