Cool DIY Round Pintuck Pillow

It’s fall and for some of us even winter, and such a cozy sweet piece like this cushion would be a great thing for this time. The supplies are 1 1/4 yds. of suede cloth, 16-inch round pillow form, thread, a long upholstery needle  to tuft the pillow, and a cover button kit with two 1 1/4 inch buttons. Cut two rectangles of fabric and start making a dot pattern. Draw diagonals on the grid to show where the fabric will be gathered; stitch the two rectangles together at the two short sides. Sew a row at the top of one of the rectangle sides and gather the fabric by pulling tautly so the two stitches meet. Working on a flat surface, fit your pillow form into the smocked loop. Pinch the ends of each pleat and stitch through, about 1/4 in. from the raw edge. Tuft the pillow if you want to. Cover your buttons with small circles of leftover pillow fabric. Attach the buttons using little metal loops on the backs of the buttons. You’re done!

Source: foursquarewalls

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