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10 Cool DIY Lego Storage Ideas

DIY Underbed Lego Storage

DIY Underbed Lego Storage (via storagegeek)

Yesterday I showed you a bunch of cool DIY toys storage ideas. Today I want to be more specific so I’ve gathered a bunch of awesome projects showing how to make storage for LEGO bricks. You’ll see that organizing your kids LEGO collection isn’t that hard. You can make underbed tray, hack an IKEA dresser or even use simple Mason Jars for that. Enjoy!

Btw, you can use all toys storage ideas that I’ve showed before to organize all these LEGO bricks too.

Diy Lego Head Toy Storage

DIY Lego Head Storage Jars (via obseussed)

DIY Lego Storage Bag-Playmat

DIY Lego Storage Bag-Playmat (via freshlypieced)

DIY Lego Storage IKEA Hack

DIY Lego Storage IKEA Hack (via scrapbookofsorts)

Cheap DIY Lego Organizer

Cheap DIY Lego Organizer (via makingmontessoriours)

DIY Lego Travel Box

DIY Lego Travel Box (via finleyandoliver)

DIY Lego Kids Play Table And Storage Place

DIY Lego Kids Play Table And Storage Place (via shelterness)

Modular DIY Lego Storage

Modular DIY Lego Storage (via thingiverse)

Diy Wall Mount Lego Storage

DIY Wall-Mount Lego Storage From Printer Trays (via mondocherry)

Lego Storage In A Muffet Tray

Lego Storage In A Muffet Tray (via makingchickensalad)


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    I think you should do a top 10 Lego ideas page. As lots of people (and me) have been looking for a good one for ages. It would get many views and your site will be even more popular!
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