Cool DIY Geometric Neon Lampshade

Geometric pieces are fashionable and cool, many designers use them in their creations; you can make a cubic lampshade yourself. You will need twelve 10″ balsa wood sticks, neon yarn of your choice, small gauge wire, wire cutters, sticky tape like scotch. First make sure all your wood pieces are exactly the same size and then start taping four pieces at a time together to make two squares. Place one of the squares on the bench and attach a piece of the wood in each corner. Now tape the other square onto the top of your frame. Start the wrapping and cover the whole shade. Cut a piece of wire one inch longer than the diagonal width of your shade. Twist it in the middle so that it forms a little loop. Push your first wire into the inside corners of the top of your fixture. You could add some glue to it before you push it in if you want it to be extra sturdy. Add a bulb, hang the piece and enjoy!

Source: sayyestohoboken

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