Colorful DIY IKEA Sigurd Bench Hack

Ikea hacks are very popular today because many of their works are like a canvas which requires some art work. To make this colorful bench you’ll need Ikea Sigurd bench, various color samples, carpenter glue, 8x planks of pine. First, you’ll paint the wood using a fine brush or small paint roller to coat each plank. Paint the topside and edges of the planks. Knowing people will be sitting on these planks, you’ll need at least two coats. At only 8 pages, we got off easy on this Ikea piece. Once you have your bench assembled and wood painted, use carpenter’s glue to adhere the wood planks to the bench. Clamp the wood planks down to the bench and let dry for 24 hours. Once dry, have a sit and admire your work!

Source: likesof

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