Classic DIY Pearl And Bow Bracelet

Let’s make a classical pearl bracelet with an elegant bow! The supplies are pearls, fabric, elastic cording, stitch witchery, or fabric glue, or a sewing machine, a hot glue gun, a needle with larger eye. Cut your fabric and sew it using your sewing machine. Fold in the sides to the center, add a little tri-folded piece to the center and secure in place with the glue or a thread and needle. Now measure the wrist with a piece of string to determine the length. Put your pearls onto the thread, take and glue one pearl onto the underside of the bow like shown. Just a little dab, and hold in place until set. Then repeat on the other side. Such a bracelet would be a great accessory to some romantic outfit and a great gift for Valentine’s Day!

Source: themotherhuddle

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