Charming Vintage Silver Garden Of Succulents

Vintage is fashionable and charming, it’s old charm that brings inspiration and beauty to the space. Succulents are everyone’s live today because they are cute and don’t require much attention. Let’s combine these two things in one to create an amazing vintage garden. You’ll need vintage silver pots, cactus and succulent soil mix, various succulents. Succulents like to be in bright light indoors, out of direct afternoon or hot summer sun, so choose the place correctly. Place a succulent in the silver container and top up the soil with a cactus soil mix: generally a mix of peat moss, hummus perlite or vermiculite, and compost. It is specially blended to have good drainage and the right mix of nutrients for these unique plants. Top the soil with pebbles, to create a neutral background for the succulent to shine.  You may play combining the succulents differently in the same pot. Enjoy your charming garden!

Source: gardentherapy

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