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Minimalist DIY Concrete Picture Frame

We’ve seen many concrete pieces – planters, stools, tables and so on but a picture frame? So unexpected! Such design can be very eye-catching, especially if you take some picture with nature. Let’s take pourable concrete mix, cardboard or cereal boxes for making molds, plastic containers to mix concrete, plastic bags for... More

8 DIY Room Dividers For Loft-Like Spaces

Today loft-like spaces are very popular because they take advantage of the whole space and make it bigger. But dividing into zones is necessary anyway, so let’s see what room dividers we can make ourselves to do that. Building screens or dividers is rather easy and doesn’t require special skills, especially if you choose... More

DIY Quilted BBQ Or Oven Mitt

It’s bbq season and here is a fun project to create that perfect quilted bbq or oven mitt for grilling outdoors or cooking indoors. This mitt is pieced together and then quilted and sewn. Prepare 1/4 yd kitchen cotton print fabric, scraps of coordinating cotton scraps (1 1/2″ x 9″), 1/4 yd light gray cotton fabric, 1/2 yd... More

Cheerful DIY Pineapple-Inspired Planter

Add a fun summer touch to your home with this pineapple planter! You’ll need a round glass bowl, paint, a foam brush, a skewer, clear coat spray. Start adding some yellow and brown paint to a plate. Use your foam brush to mix the paint a bit and then dab paint all around the bowl. Before paint is dry, use the skewer to draw... More

12 DIY All-Purpose Kitchen And Bathroom Cleaners

Using homemade cleaners for cleanups has lots of advantages: they are all-natural, you can avoid allergic or just harmful elements, you can add good ones that are safe for you and your kids and so on – I can specify them for a long time. The main ingredient for any DIY cleaner is vinegar – and I’m sure that you all have... More

DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Mirror Of Birch Plywood

This mirror was inspired by a piece from Anthropologie. To make a similar one you’ll need 1/8 inch birch plywood, wood glue, clamps. The first step for the mirror was to get the edging that would go directly on the mirror. Use string and a screw to draw a circle on the birch plywood. Once the circles are cut, use the jigsaw,... More

DIY Fast Openwork Cube Planter

Every plant needs a planter to spread its roots in, and this original and easy planter with a stand will cost just $30! Prepare a 12” terra cotta planter, (6) 1”square wooden dowels that are 36” long, wood glue, a nailer or screws, a wood filler. Start by cutting (12) 13” pieces.  If you are making this with a... More

8 DIY Industrial Beds To Make Yourself

Industrial style is very popular, a little bit rough and masculine but suitable for any space, both for men and women. We have already told you of some pretty easy industrial furniture that you can make yourself to create this style at home, and today it’s all about beds. Actually, an industrial bed is a rather simple idea:... More

DIY Industrial Concrete And Broomstick Coat Tree

This cool industrial coat rack won’t take much time or materials and looks very original! It’s not typical and great for any modern or industrial hallway. You’ll need just 5 broomsticks and a bag of redi-mix concrete. For this base, 30 pounds (or half of a 60 pound bag) was used. Mix the concrete with water. Place the... More

DIY Woven Cat Hammock

We’ve already told you of some hammocks to make but what about your furry friends? Let’s make a cool hammock for your little (or not very little) kitty! You will need: cotton yarn in different colors, a belt, measuring tape, a piece of wood, a saw, scissors, a drill, a needle. Mark, saw and drill your wood bar to get two... More