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DIY Outdoor Bar Cart Of A Laundry Sorter

A bar cart is a necessary thing for any summer party, so let’s make one of an old laundry sorter! Take the bag off and dust the base off, give it a coat of navy blue spray paint (or any other color you prefer). Cut the wood to size and give it several coats of primer. Create a frame out of 1 x 2′s and prime it. Lay the... More

Cool DIY Cork Photo Coasters

We’ve already told you how to make tile photo coasters, and today we’ll realize the same idea on cork. You’ll need a cork sheet- 12×18 inches, Mod Podge Matte Finish, 1″ foam brushes 20/Pkg, clear vinyl contact paper, an exacto knife and photo prints. Using one of your prints trimmed to the size and shape you... More

9 DIY Dressing Table Makeovers You’ll Like

Every girl should have a place to store her makeup and to make it also, so a cool dressing table is a necessary thing in a bedroom. You can easily get it revamping an old dressing table or even a desk into a new and stylish one. Take an old vanity, sand it and paint so that you liked it – with some color or stencils you... More

Cute And Colorful DIY Macaron Pillows

Macarons are so pretty and tasty! We all love them but not everyone knows that they have a very long history, and inspired by it we offer you to make these cute macaron pillows. You’ll need 1 yard of plush coral fleece (58” wide), 1/8 yard of plush coral fleece, fiber stuffing, a paper printer, a sewing machine, a needle... More

Eye-Catching DIY State Wall Art

We’ve already told you of a state wall art, and here’s one more idea, no less original and also very cool! You’ll need a piece of wood, 1 x 17 wire brads, white string. So, take your wood piece and cut out the edges of your state, along with the heart & then tape the state cutout in the center of the wood piece and... More

14 Cool DIY Dining Table Makeovers

There’s no home without a dining table! That’s why today we’ll renovate your old dining table using various methods. There are different ways to do that: painting, distressing, staining, stenciling and you can also mix these ideas to get your own personalized table. So, the easiest idea is to take some paint you prefer... More

DIY Boho Beach Blanket With Fringe

Boho chic style is getting more and more popular, so why not follow the trend and make a beach blanket in this style? The supplies are woven fabric, fabric or webbing for straps, Velcro, fabric glue, grommets, a hammer, scissors, measuring tape, a sewing machine. Add some boho flair to your blanket by adding a couple inches of... More

Industrial DIY Pallet Dining Table

Pallets are a great material for crafting, it’s green, easy to upcycle and looks rather industrial. So today we will make a dining table of them, you’ll need a large pallet, a sander, sanding paper, varnish, a paintbrush or cloth for varnish application, table legs, screws and nails. Clean the entire pallet before you start... More

13 Eye-Catching DIY Nightstand Makeovers

A nightstand is not only a necessary furniture piece for bedroom storage but also a décor element that can help you to highlight the bedroom interior. Today we’ll see how to revamp an old nightstand to get an amazing piece without spending much time or money. The easiest revamping of any piece is painting or spray-painting... More

DIY Razor Clam Pendant Light For Beachy Decor

If you wanna add some beach charm to your décor, make this cool pendant light! You’ll need clean razor clam shells, a small rotary drill, a scrap board on which you can drill, a pendant fixture, light wire and clippers. Set your drill at Level 3, then place the bit about 1/4 inch from the end of the shell. Make sure your... More