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5 Awesome DIY IKEA Mammut Kids’ Stools Hacks

Mammut chairs by IKEA is made of plastic, which makes it easy for children to carry and move. It’s a perfect and safe piece for playing, drawing, having fun, reading and so on, and its shape is so fun that every kid would love it. Still you can renovate it in various ways to make funnier and cooler, for example, spray paint... More

DIY Patterned Waterproof Bib To Make

A waterproof bib is a must in every home where there’s a baby. Today we are sharing a tutorial to make one, so prepare a bib pattern, patterned waterproof fabric, solid waterproof fabric for making bias tape, velcro for closure and thread. Print off the bib pattern. Cut out the fabric. You will need a bib front, bib back, and... More

DIY Suede And Gold Leaf Colorblock Mousepad

This chic mousepad is cool and comfy in using, you’ll be excited to use it! To make one you’ll need an old mousepad, suede or leather, spray adhesive, a pen, scissors, washi tape, gold leaf adhesive, gold leaf sheets, paintbrushes. Use your old mousepad and trace a circle on the back of your suede around it. Cut out the... More

16 Creative DIY IKEA Lack Table Hacks For Every Home

We continue sharing IKEA hack ideas because IKEA furniture is like a blank sheet of paper that requires your attention and creativity. Today it’s all about IKEA Lack table hacks – a simple coffee or side table on four legs that can be renovated so that you won’t recognize it. Cover it with fabric, paper or bamboo, paint... More

Colorful And Cheerful DIY Citrus Slice Frisbees

Beach is life! Summer is coming to its end, so I hope that you spend every minute you have there. Today I’d like to share a cool and simple craft for spending time on the beach, and it’s really summer-inspired – so fruity and juicy! To make these citrus slice Frisbees you’ll need solid color red, orange, yellow and... More

DIY Dalmatian Print Accent Fabric Wall

Making an accent wall is a super cool trend to make your space more eye-catching. Today we are sharing an awesome tutorial from petitepartystudio.com to make a Dalmatian print fabric wall. Prepare a paint tray, a paint roller, fabric, an exacto or utility knife, a sponge, drop cloth, painters tape or tacks, scissors and liquid... More

7 DIY IKEA Foto Pendant Lamp Hacks You’ll Love

Foto lamp by IKEA is a universal piece suitable for any type of interior – from a kitchen to a kids’ room, and for many décor styles: Scandinavian, modern, mid-century modern, minimalist or industrial. You can use it in its original colors or hack and personalize a bit. The most popular hack here is repainting it from the... More

DIY Tribal Coffee Table With Hairpin Legs

This coffee table is super cool due to its trendy hairpin legs and an amazing wooden pattern on top. To make it you’ll need a drill, a miter saw, a brad nailer, tape measure, a pencil, safety glasses, a torch, 12  –  1 x 2 x 8′ common board; 3/4″ x 48″ x 48″ plywood, 4  –  16″ hairpin legs, wood glue,... More

Easy And Dreamy La Lune Fabric Wall Art

This moon-inspired wall art is great or making yourself or even with your kids to spend a good time together. The supplies are a sheet of paper, some fabric, a sponge, water, watercolor paints, fabric, glue and a piece of wood to hang it. Print the moon using your computer and then transfer it onto the fabric piece. Take your... More

6 Creative And Easy DIY IKEA Hol Table Hacks

Hol table by IKEA is a cool and simple piece that is a coffee or side table with a storage space inside. This adorable idea of a storage space makes it amazing for using for various purposes. Of course, you can use it as it is and put in your living room, or, if you need a bedside table, you can add a couple of trendy legs and... More

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