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Bold DIY Hexagon Cork Coasters

Geometric coasters is a trendy and cool thing, to make these ones from aparedeindecisa.com you’ll need a cork sheet, a hexagon mold, a brush, crayon, masking tape, acrylic paint and varnish. Use a template to trace the amount of cork coasters you want. Try to draw hexagons very close together to make better use of the... More

7 DIY Outdoor Lounge Chairs To Enjoy The Sunlight

A lounge chair is a must right now – in the middle of the summer – just grab it and go to sunbathe in your backyard! You needn’t buy a lounge and waste a lot of money – just make it fast and go lying in the sun. The best material for a lounge is pallets or just wooden planks in case you don’t have any pallets. Just... More

Simple DIY Round Wood Mirror Frame

We’ve just told you of some cool driftwood mirrors, and today’s tutorial is also about a mirror – this time a wooden one. The supplies are (1) 14 inch round mirror, (1) 1 x 8 x 8′ board, (1) picture hanger, (4) 2-inch mending plates, (4) ½-inch wood screws to secure the mending plates, (1) 2-inch finish nail to act as... More

Bold DIY Wood Knob Photo Holders

Need a couple of photo holders for your Instagram photos? You’ll love this tutorial from damasklove.com! Prepare square prints, wood knobs, metallic lustre, Martha Stewart Acrylic Paints, Martha Stewart Stencil Tape, a craft saw, paper towels. Use a craft saw to create a slit in the top of the wooden knob. The slit should be... More

9 Trendy DIY Geometric Wall Shelf Projects

Geometric décor is super popular right now, and many designers create fantastic items in geometric shapes and with such patterns. Geometric décor can be used both in retro and very modern interiors depending on the shapes and looks, and today we are going to inspire you with cool geometric shelves that will not only store... More

Cozy DIY Wood Plank Loveseat With Free Plans

Need a pretty loveseat for indoors and outdoors? Have a look at this tutorial from rogueengineer.com and read the full tools and materials list in the source, and let’s get started. Drill pocket holes and assemble sides using 2-1/2’’ pocket screws, then pre-drill and install arm using 2-1/2’’ wood screws. Drill pocket... More

DIY IKEA Hack: Painted RIBBA Picture Frame Mats

Do you love IKEA hacks as we do? We are always looking for interesting ones on the net, and today we’d like to share RIBBA picture frames hack from beckhamandbelle.com. Prepare paint of your choice, a photo mat, a small foam roller. Start by taking apart your frame. Blow any dust or particles off of the mat. Place on... More

9 DIY Pizza Crafts For Throwing A Cool Summer Party

Everybody loves pizza! Pizzas with mushrooms, meat, chicken, veggies and lots, lots of cheese! If you are going to throw a cool and fun party or even a pizza party, then pizza-inspired décor and details are right what you need, and they will definitely excite everyone! Such a theme is also ideal for a kids’ party, you can... More

Simple DIY Leather Key Ring To Make

This simple leather key ring from yellowgirl.at will help you to find your keys in the morning. Prepare some leather – faux or natural, scissors, pliers, two eyelets. Cut a piece of leather of the size 4 cm x 10 cm. Make two holes at one end using scissors and folding the leather in two for the holes to be symmetrical. Put... More

Quick To Make DIY Slatted Wooden Trivet

With just a few ½-inch square dowels, some twine and a few nuts, this handy trivet can be pulled together before the dinner bell rings. Using the cut list, cut the square dowels to size using a handsaw or miter saw. Lay the slats side-by-side with their ends aligned. Make a registration mark near one end of each slat. Now mark... More