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7 Rustic DIY Stump Coffee Tables And Stools

Stumps are a fantastic material for rustic creations! I think that in spring such a piece is actual more than ever. So, what can you make of a stump? The options are endless: planters, vases, candleholders, bedside and coffee tables, stools and so on. Let’s have a look at the stools and coffee tables that you can easily make.... More

DIY One Step Gold Leaf Vase

Spring is time of flowers and if you don’t have a vase you like or you want some more, then you’ll love this simple and cool tutorial. You’ll need only painter’s tape, gold leaf paint and a glass or mason jar you like. So, attach masking tape in the area that is not to be painted and apply one layer of gold leaf... More

Bright DIY Easter Eggs With Different Patterns

How can you make colorful and cool Easter eggs? Below you’ll find several variants with recipes, that are bright, modern and cool. Let’s start with painted eggs. Simply mix 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar with your desired combination of food color drops and paint a chilled hardboiled egg with a paint brush. Striped eggs are... More

7 Fun DIY Easter Jewelry Pieces

You can not only decorate your home for the coming Easter but also yourself! For this you can make some simple but cool and colorful jewelry. So, what is connected with Easter? Bunnies, bird nests, egg, lambs and so on, and you can get inspired by these symbols for creating an accessory. The easiest idea is a brooch – a bunny... More

Bright DIY Cupcake Succulent Planters

More succulent love! Today we’ll please our favorite plants with these cheerful homes! We’ve told you of many succulent planters but none of them is so colorful and fun. You’ll need cupcake liners, tin cans and hot glue. Take a cupcake liner and fold it in half. Fold it again in half. Start hot gluing it to the tin... More

DIY Painted Pastel Egg Centerpiece

This tutorial will give you one more DIY Easter centerpiece idea to your list. The supplies are eggs, acrylic paint in pastels and gold, a paint brush, mini eggs for color inspiration. Paint your eggs with the matching shades to the mini eggs. Leave to dry on sticks. Speckle your eggs in gold and then leave to dry. Then all you... More

9 Easy DIY Easter Egg Holders And Cups

What you definitely need for your Easter feast is egg holders and cups! There are many ways to make these holders of the materials you have at hand or just decorate the existing ones. I’d say that the most original idea is making an egg holder of forks – you just need to be strong enough to bend them. If you have a pack of... More

DIY Succulent Planter From A Toothbrush Holder

I’ve seen many succulent planters but this one is really original because it’s made of a toothbrush holder. It’s a very good idea if you have several small succulents. The supplies are a ceramic toothbrush holder, gold spray paint, masking tape, soil and succulents. Start by masking part of your toothbrush holder with... More

DIY Crayon Resist Easter Eggs

Dying Easter eggs is a tradition but why not decorate them in another way paying tribute to it? You’ll need eggs, wax crayons, food coloring and water. First you boil the eggs, cool and dry them. After drawing the pattern with crayons, we dyed them in diluted food coloring. The wax from the crayon will resist the dye, it... More

11 DIY Easter Crafts For Modern Easter Decor And Table

If you don’t want traditional Easter décor, this roundup is for you! We’ve gathered several tutorials for creating a modern Easter atmosphere. Let’s start from eggs, without which I can’t imagine Easter. Dying them is traditional but you can choose something unexpected like indigo eggs, light blue eggs with geometric... More