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Simple DIY Wine Cork Wreath

A cork wreath is an ideal decoration for your door, no matter what season is it. To make one you’ll need a foam or straw wreath form, lots and lots of wine corks, a hot glue gun. Find the prettiest side of the cork that you want to display and then apply a generous dab of hot glue to the opposite side and adhere to the... More

DIY Distressed Fall Sign For Outdoor Decor

Make a distressed fall sign for outdoor décor! You’ll need Minwax Dark Walnut stain, 6 foot 1 x 12, a cutting machine, some brushes. Apply a layer of dark walnut to each side of the board using a foam brush. After letting the stain set for about 15-20 minutes, wipe away any stain that hadn’t soaked into the wood yet.... More

DIY Succulent Ball Topiary For Decor Inside And Outside

Succulents love! To make a succulent ball topiary for indoor and outdoor décor you’ll need a 4″ sphagnum moss ball, scissors, succulents and something to hang it. Soak the moss ball and use the scissors to poke holes in the ball and then insert the cuttings with the succulents you have – add them close together until the... More

DIY Paper Foil Starry Lights For Outdoors

Getting ready for a cool outdoor party? Wanna impress your second half with romantic lights? We’ve got a great idea for you! Let’s make starry lights, and the supplies are foil or glitter paper, star punch, hole punch, string lights and hot glue. So, first punch as many stars as there are lights on the string. Punch a hole... More

19 Hot Summer Outdoor Party Crafts

Summer is party time! If you are planning a cool outdoor party in your garden, you’ll need some accessories to organize a good one. Food paper bags are stunning for such things as chips or other snacks, if you have cakes or cupcakes, make an awesome cupcake stand. Wreaths and garlands are a necessary thing for a fun party... More

18 Cool DIY Outdoor Fire Pits and Bowls

Love to spend time outdoors? Dream of endless garden parties or just intimate dates with your beloved? There’s a way to make outdoor space cozy and inviting – it’s an outside fire pit or bowl. Choose your idea – a fire pit, a fire bowl, a glass box or even a fire bowl inside your dining table. The piece can be made of... More

9 Relaxing DIY Outdoor Ponds

We’ve already told you how to make a fountain for your garden or patio but if you like something more nature-looking, a pond is a great idea for you. To make a pond would be a little bit more difficult, but believe me, it’s worth it! Concrete, rubber or some big vessel would do for the base. You can also make a waterfall or... More

10 Simple DIY Outdoor Beds

In summertime it’s such great pleasure to relax in the garden or patio and enjoy summer air, sunlight and birds singing in the trees. For that you’ll need some pretty outdoor furniture, so why not make it? Create a comfortable outdoor bed, no matter, a swing one or a usual one, of some old piece of furniture or just of some... More

DIY Dog Bed For Outside

Give an old dresser a completely new life! Make a pretty pet bed of it, the supplies are an old dresser drawer, paint you like, FrogTape, 4 furniture feet, coordinating pillow or DIY cushion, matching umbrella, hardware. Sand the drawer face board if needed and remove drawer handles, drill pilot holes in the wider dresser front... More

7 Simple DIY Flower Beds

We’ve told you of some cool outdoor projects that would make your garden and patio comfortable for relaxation. This time we’ll tell you about flower beds because not all plants may be planted in pots. There are several ways to make borders like thrift store plates, river rocks, cast concrete blocks and so on. You may also... More