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9 Cool DIY Concrete Pieces For Outdoors

Concrete is a perfect material for outdoors because it’s durable, warm and stylish. If you want to make some furniture or lights in the modern style, then choose this material. Really, it looks like new, handmade stone, with all its shades and imperfections. Famous designers create whole collections of concrete, and you can... More

9 Easy DIY Outdoor Tents and Teepees

It’s so warm and comfy outdoors that I just can’t stay indoors! Patios, terraces, gardens and all places like that invite to spend time there. To get more privacy, to escape from the commonness you can put a tent in the middle of your garden – it’s a great place to lie, dream or read a book without anyone seeing you.... More

8 Refreshing DIY Container Water Gardens

I love water and I’m sure that staying at the seaside, at the river bank or near any other water body is pleasant and relaxing for any of you. That’s why creating your own water body is so cool, whatever you like – a fountain, a water wall, a pool or a pond. We’ve already told you how to make some of them, and today... More

11 Awesome DIY Hammocks To Make Yourself

What can be better in summer than relaxing outdoors in a hammock? If you still don’t have one, this roundup is for you! The main thing here is to choose a blanket that is durable and suitable for outdoors, and then you’ll have to hang it using some metal ware. You can decorate the blanket as yoy like, for example dye it or... More

12 DIY Tiki Torches And Bug Repellent Lanterns

We’ve just told you about bug repellent candles for you to spend time outdoors with pleasure, and today we continue the bug-protection topic with tiki torches and bug repellent lanterns that will not only protect you from insects but also will add a cozy touch to your outdoor décor. Lanterns are mostly made of mason jars... More

Funny And Colorful DIY Stencil Stepping Stones

Wanna make your garden or just front porch? Make these funny stepping stones! You’ll need Honey Bee stencil, concrete pavers, weather-resistant acrylic craft paints, foam brushes, painter’s tape. Start by placing your stencil in the middle of the stone and taping it down with a couple strips of painter’s tape.... More

Easy DIY Outdoor Bench To Make

Outdoor furniture is now actual more than ever as the outdoor season is opened and it’s so joyful to stay in the sun! This outdoor bench is great for any patio or porch, so prepare 1 – 12 foot 1 x 4, 1 – 12 foot 1 x 4, 2 – 4 foot 2 x 3, 2″ deck screws, clamps, a drill, weatherproof paint or stain. Build the frame for... More

9 Awesome Barbeque Party Crafts

So, you are planning a barbeque party. The grill and dining zone is ready but what about décor? If you are puzzling over it and how to decorate and make other funny crafts, this roundup is for you! Let’s start from cool décor – you can easily make cheap vases of mason jars on poles and give your party a rustic feel, then... More

5 Awesome DIY Projects With Weber Grills

We all love barbeques, and as the barbeque season is opened, it’s high time that you invited your relatives and friends to enjoy a meal together! We’ve already told you how to make a smoker of various materials and today we’ll talk about projects connected with Weber grills as many of us have them at home and they are... More

5 Easy DIY Drink Coolers For Outdoors

We continue telling you of cool DIY projects for outdoor parties and dinners. We’ve rounded up tutorials on pizza ovens and stoves, smokers for those who love meat but what about dreams? Today we’ll see how to make a drink cooler of different materials. A standard drink cooler is a box made of boards, then you can fill it... More