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7 DIY Natural Rock Ponds To Transform Your Backyard

Remember that pond roundup that we made last year? I’d like to continue and broaden this topic today telling you of DIY rock ponds. What’s special about rock or stone ponds is that they look incredibly natural – just like it’s a real water feature that has always been here. Actually, you needn’t make the whole pond... More

9 Cool Backyard Waterfalls That You Can Make Yourself

Water features can’t be more popular than in summer as they relax and cool the air around them. We’ve already told you how to make fountains and ponds, and today we are sharing some waterfalls projects. Why do I love waterfalls so much? Because they relax you with an adorable sound of water, look very natural and make a... More

7 Comfy DIY Hot Tubs For Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor hot tubs have conquered everybody’s hearts because it’s number one idea to forget all your problems just sitting in. There are a lot of designer ideas in various shapes and sizes but you can always make one yourself without wasting much money. Whatever idea you choose, you’ll need a bath of the size and shape you... More

DIY Botanical Ice Luminaries For Outdoors

Remember ice DIYs roundup for your outdoors? Here’s one of ice ideas in details, these easy and pretty ice lanterns will look gorgeous on your door steps. First step, gather some botanical treasures from where you live, try and find different foliage textures, sizes and colorful berries. Next, find some plastic containers of... More

DIY Colorful Rustic Bird Feeders From Branches

It’s cold and we should take care not only of our pets but also of wild animals and birds. Let’s make these cute rustic bird feeders! Prepare dry branches (diameter approx 0.8cm), cord, pruning scissors, a hot glue gun and weatherproof paint. Cut the branches with pruning shears in three times four equal pieces. Make sure... More

DIY Wine Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird feeders are not only necessary for little birdies but also can become a beautiful garden decoration. To make this cutie you’ll need a wine bottle, copper wire 4ft, water spicket knob, a button, a hummingbird feeder tip for a glass bottle, E6000, heavy duty pliers, a workbench clamp or vise, an extra set of hands.... More

DIY Herb Garden Coffee Table For Outdoors

Imagine it’s a warm summer evening, and you’re sitting on your porch swing, lazily sipping on a tasty little beverage. Everything feels perfect, except for one small thing; you feel like your drink could use a sprig of fresh mint. If you don’t want to go anywhere and look for mint, then why not build your own herb... More

9 Cool DIY Concrete Pieces For Outdoors

Concrete is a perfect material for outdoors because it’s durable, warm and stylish. If you want to make some furniture or lights in the modern style, then choose this material. Really, it looks like new, handmade stone, with all its shades and imperfections. Famous designers create whole collections of concrete, and you can... More

9 Easy DIY Outdoor Tents and Teepees

It’s so warm and comfy outdoors that I just can’t stay indoors! Patios, terraces, gardens and all places like that invite to spend time there. To get more privacy, to escape from the commonness you can put a tent in the middle of your garden – it’s a great place to lie, dream or read a book without anyone seeing you.... More

8 Refreshing DIY Container Water Gardens

I love water and I’m sure that staying at the seaside, at the river bank or near any other water body is pleasant and relaxing for any of you. That’s why creating your own water body is so cool, whatever you like – a fountain, a water wall, a pool or a pond. We’ve already told you how to make some of them, and today... More

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