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DIY Christmas Bow String Lights

For the coming Christmas you can make bow string lights to decorate your house and maybe your tree. You’ll need LED string lights, Christmas bows, and an awl. Pull off the sticky tab on the bag of each ribbon, starting from its top push aside the bow’s loops and poke a hole through the bow. If you made too many loops, try... More

Cool DIY Geometric Neon Lampshade

Geometric pieces are fashionable and cool, many designers use them in their creations; you can make a cubic lampshade yourself. You will need twelve 10″ balsa wood sticks, neon yarn of your choice, small gauge wire, wire cutters, sticky tape like scotch. First make sure all your wood pieces are exactly the same size and then... More

Fashionable DIY Chandelier With Bubbles

Chandeliers with bubbles are popular today, many designers present their variants. Now you can make one, too. The supplies are clear holiday ornaments, silver & gold pre-holed sequins, clear jewelry line or fishing line, lamp shade frame or a wire plant basket; light colored, heavy duty thread, scissors, wire and wire... More

Simple DIY Veneer Pendant Lamp

We have already told you of liquor bottle lamps, neon lamps and many others. And here’s one more design – diy veneer lamp. The supplies are 1 roll of 2″x8′ veneer edging, 2 10″ sized embroidery hoops, 1 pendant light kit, a low wattage light bulb, a piece of cardboard or chipboard , a small glue gun,... More

How To Make A Liquor Bottle Lamp

Crafting an original lamp is simple! All you need is a bottle of your favorite alcohol, a drill, a socket and a lamp shade that you like. While drilling glass you need to take the proper precautions. Eye protection and gloves are a must if the bottle should break. You need to have water running over the bit while drilling... More

DIY Mini Neon Lamps For Kids

Let’s make a craft for your kids and together with them – a mini neon lamp – your kids would be delighted! You’ll need some small pots with tops, neon bracelets and some decorations like these small monsters. First, break the bracelets into parts, put the neon sparkles into the pots, let them look just as drops because... More

Very Original DIY Lamp Of Paper Cups

If you decided to make an original lamp, you won’t need much time or expensive materials. A cool idea is to make the lamp of usual paper cups. The supplies are paper cups for tea or coffee and LED lights. Attach 7 cups in each other to make a flower – you may do it with stapler or glue. Put a LED light in each cup, the LEDs... More

DIY Industrial And Vintage Chandelier

An industrial chandelier with a vintage touch? Easily! For this project you’ll need vintage wagon wheel, string lights, extension cords, 3 pieces of chain, about 4′ in length, 4 S-hooks, or adjustable rings, 2 ceiling cup hooks, a drill. First of all, decide where you’ll put your chandelier and mark this place with a... More

DIY Casual Concrete Lamp For Outside

Today concrete is one of the favorite materials of many designers because creating things of it is easy and they look cool, modern and very casual. You can create a stylish concrete lamp for outside yourself. You’ll need a mold of plywood, styrofoam, wiring, a bulb and concrete. Try to choose the simplest design as it will be... More

How To Make A Round Paper Lamp

How to create a funky and simple lamp? There are no problems with it, even if you are not very crafty. A colorful paper lamp is right what you need. Several such lamps in your study would make the atmosphere not so serious. Actually all that you need is some paper, wire and a colorful ribbon – it’s not expensive and the... More