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DIY Copper Geometric Pendant Lamp

We’ve already told you of some cool copper crafts, and here’s one more idea – copper geometric pendant lamp. You’ll need 8 straight 2′ lengths of 1/4″ diameter soft cut copper pipe, 2 x 1.5″ diameter metal O-ring, 16 x 1¾” cotter pins, a cord set, a pen, C-clamp, a ruler or T-square, needlenose pliers, a... More

DIY Real Fallen Leaves Lantern

Let’s make a fall lantern inspired by fallen leaves. You’ll need spray paint, fallen leaves, a hot glue gun, rope for hanging. The first step is to spray paint the lantern gold in two, light applications. Next, spray paint the leaves gold, front and back.  Allow to dry completely. Begin assembly by turning the lantern... More

How To Make A Geo Edison Pendant Light

To make this cool and simple Edison pendant light you’ll need a straight razor blade, polymer clay in any color, acrylic paints, a paint brush, painters tape and a light wire with a bulb. Shape the clay into a square or rectangle. Pop it into the freezer for 15-20 minutes. Remove from the freezer and use your blade to slice... More

Cozy DIY Crocheted Lampshade

Knitted and crocheted things bring so much coziness to the décor! Today we’ll make a crocheted lampshade, and the supplies are an old table lamp, a white lampshade, wool crochet hook, some wool of the color you like and an adhesive. First, crochet a row that fits around the larger end of the lampshade. Then crochet as many... More

Simple DIY Table Marble Lamp

This amazing tutorial that we are sharing with you today was originally posted by weekdaycarnival blog and photo credits belong to  Riikka Kantinkoski. To create this simple and stylish table lamp you’ll need a long cardboard can or a posting tube with a lid, marble paper, glue, a drill, cord, a light bulb. Glue the marble... More

Round DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Lamp Of Cupcake Liners

This lamp is inspired by the Anthropologie crafts, you’ll need 100–125  white standard-sized paper cupcake liners, 100–125  vertically striped petit fours papers,  a 18–20″ white paper lantern, a hot glue gun, 1 Hemma Cord from IKEA. Pick up some white paper lanterns and tightly layer soft white cupcake papers... More

DIY Hanging Lanterns With Candles

Hanging candles are very popular for indoors and outdoors – these are perfect lanterns, romantic and simple to make. You can easily make ones, you’ll need knitting yarn/sturdy thin rope, jam glasses, candles. Cut your rope into pieces, tie all the pieces into a knot. Pull tight and separate the rope pieces into pairs. Take... More

DIY Hot Balloon Outdoor Lamp

Hot balloons are cool, and you can make such a balloon lamp for your garden easily. The supplies are round paper pendant lamp shade, rope, hot glue, super glue, 3 pieces waxed cord, printed fabric, fabric or washi tape, a Sewing machine. First, do a coil-and-glue maneuver, as shown in the first photo. Make sure that the base of... More

DIY Beach-Inspired Candle Lantern

Beaches and sea – that’s what inspire us these hot days! Let’s make a beach-inspired candle lantern, the supplies are a mason jar, Americana Decoupage, broken seashells or faux rock vase filler, a brush, twine, painters tape. To make the jars apply a generous amount of decoupage glue on the mason jar, working in sections.... More

9 Awesome DIY Beach-Inspired Lamps

To create a beachy atmosphere, to remind of amazing holidays and feel at the seaside all the time you can just add some sea-inspired decor pieces, for example, cool lamps and lanterns. We’ve just found some cool tutorials for you, have a look. Driftwood is a great source of inspiration, and making a lamp of it is easy. Gather... More