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DIY Hanging Lanterns With Candles

Hanging candles are very popular for indoors and outdoors – these are perfect lanterns, romantic and simple to make. You can easily make ones, you’ll need knitting yarn/sturdy thin rope, jam glasses, candles. Cut your rope into pieces, tie all the pieces into a knot. Pull tight and separate the rope pieces into pairs. Take... More

DIY Hot Balloon Outdoor Lamp

Hot balloons are cool, and you can make such a balloon lamp for your garden easily. The supplies are round paper pendant lamp shade, rope, hot glue, super glue, 3 pieces waxed cord, printed fabric, fabric or washi tape, a Sewing machine. First, do a coil-and-glue maneuver, as shown in the first photo. Make sure that the base of... More

DIY Beach-Inspired Candle Lantern

Beaches and sea – that’s what inspire us these hot days! Let’s make a beach-inspired candle lantern, the supplies are a mason jar, Americana Decoupage, broken seashells or faux rock vase filler, a brush, twine, painters tape. To make the jars apply a generous amount of decoupage glue on the mason jar, working in sections.... More

9 Awesome DIY Beach-Inspired Lamps

To create a beachy atmosphere, to remind of amazing holidays and feel at the seaside all the time you can just add some sea-inspired decor pieces, for example, cool lamps and lanterns. We’ve just found some cool tutorials for you, have a look. Driftwood is a great source of inspiration, and making a lamp of it is easy. Gather... More

Industrial DIY Lamp Of Concrete And Copper

Industrial style is amazing, it’s romance of simple and usual things. Let’s make an industrial lamp that would be a cool accessory for any modern space. The supplies are copper pipes, a metal saw, masking tape, scissors, a straw, an empty ice-cream box, different types of copper bends, concrete, and a bowl. Cut a hole in... More

DIY Vintage-Style Ceramic Lamp

We’ve found a cool idea for your bedroom – it’s a book lamp. You’ll need a ceramic light fixture, bare bulb style, a pancake electrical box, a lamp cord with switch on cord, 6 inch threaded rod, 2 inch wood screws and some tools. Stack the books together open the top cover and screw through the pages to connect the top... More

8 Creative Recycled Lamps You Can Make

Creating lamps is art! You may make them of many different materials but it’s cool to make them of some old objects – it’s giving new life to them. Have a look at some ideas we’ve found for you. Do you have some old liquor bottles? Make a lamp! Add a lampshade to a Jack Daniel’s bottle and impress your guests! You may... More

DIY Christmas Bow String Lights

For the coming Christmas you can make bow string lights to decorate your house and maybe your tree. You’ll need LED string lights, Christmas bows, and an awl. Pull off the sticky tab on the bag of each ribbon, starting from its top push aside the bow’s loops and poke a hole through the bow. If you made too many loops, try... More

Cool DIY Geometric Neon Lampshade

Geometric pieces are fashionable and cool, many designers use them in their creations; you can make a cubic lampshade yourself. You will need twelve 10″ balsa wood sticks, neon yarn of your choice, small gauge wire, wire cutters, sticky tape like scotch. First make sure all your wood pieces are exactly the same size and then... More

Fashionable DIY Chandelier With Bubbles

Chandeliers with bubbles are popular today, many designers present their variants. Now you can make one, too. The supplies are clear holiday ornaments, silver & gold pre-holed sequins, clear jewelry line or fishing line, lamp shade frame or a wire plant basket; light colored, heavy duty thread, scissors, wire and wire... More