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Charming DIY Luminaries Covered With Tissues

Here are cool tissue covered luminaries that just caught my attention. They are definitely charming and could become a great addition to any interior. To make these charming luminaries you’ll need a ton of tissue medallions, simple glass vases, glue, a brush and candles. The idea is to glue tissues to the vase and put... More

DIY Industrial Pendant Lights

Can you imagine good looking industrial pendant lights that are really easy to make? If not, then here is an awesome project for you. You need a bulb guard, a bulb cord kit and a sparkly stick thingies to make the pendant light you can see on the pictures. The idea is to yank the sparkly bits off the central stick and then... More

DIY Secret Silhouette Lamp Shade Inspired

Have you saw a secret silhouette lamp shade Anthropologie was selling a while back? Its secret is that when you turn on the light of the lamp, the form of your favorite canine takes shape inside of the sketched frame. If you want you can make similar lamp shade by yourself. For the project you’ll need a piece of burlap,... More

DIY Industrial Pendant Lamps

Do you like these awesome caged pendant lights that Anthropologie sells for $148 each? They are inspired by vintage trouble lights and definitely have some industrial charm. If you like them then can save some money and make similar lights by yourself. For the project you’ll need: light cages, Edison bulbs, antique... More

DIY Salvaged Wood Tabletop Lamp

There are many cool ways to make a wood tabletop lamp. You can use driftwood, tree branches, or a tree stump to make its base. You can also use a piece of salvaged wood. All these ways won’t cost you much in contrary to wood lamps that Anthropologie sells. A railroad tie could become a perfect piece of salvaged wood for... More

DIY Clay Outdoor Hanging Lamp

Outdoor lamp should withstand harsh weather. Keep that in mind when you’re making such lamps by yourself. For example, you can use a clay pot as a lamp shade. You definitely won’t need to bring a lamp with such lamp shade in from the rain. To make the lamp you’ll also need a chain and outdoor led lights. The... More

10 Cool DIY Pendant Lamps Suitable For Modern Interiors

Every home feature at least several pendant lamps. That’s why you can make one or two hanging beauties by yourself. Below you can find the list of tutorials showing how to make such lamps from different materials. The cool thing about all of them that they looks so sophisticated and minimalist that they are suitable for... More

DIY Tetris Wall Lamp

If you’re a fan of a famous puzzle video game called Tetris then you’ll enjoy this DIY project. The project is a wall lamp that consist of bunch of colorful tetris blocks. It isn’t hard to make but the result could be quite impressive. The block could be made of scrap wood pieces as of plywood. You simply need... More

How To Make An Ugly Night Light Looks Great

There are so many ugly night lights in people’s homes that I think they might enjoy an idea to make these lights looks much more beautiful. The idea is to make a tree-like lampshade for them. For such project you’ll need a spool of craft wire, about 25 glass beads of varying size and shape, about 25 large seed... More

Cute DIY Fabric Chandelier

DIY chandeliers are cool things to make your interior more cool and cozy. Here is the one that is definitely cute and cozy. It’s made of an old lamp shade, 1.5 yards of fabric, twine and a light kit. Scissors and glue are other things you’ll need to complete the project. Visit joyfolieblog for full instructions on... More