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Vintage-Inspired DIY Tea Tin Can Lamp

This unusual lamp is something vintage though industrial and unbelievable! You can make it in case you half an old tea tin can or caddy. For this original vintage-inspired lamp you’ll need a tea caddy, cords, a switch, a lamp socket, a light bulb, 2-component adhesive, a drill, a jigsaw, pliers, a screwdriver. Cut a hole in... More

DIY Vintage-Inspired Industrial Chandelier

We’ve already told you about DIY industrial lamps, and today it’s time to make a gorgeous industrial chandelier that is great for a dining room or as kitchen bar lights. You’ll need some wood (here it’s a recycled coffee table and cabinet door), vintage reproduction electrical parts (you can buy some on Etsy), satin... More

DIY Industrial Light Of A Candleholder

This industrial lamp is easy to make, you’ll need cord, switch and socket separate, a drill, a candleholder. Drill a hole, large enough to accommodate the wires, in to the candle base. Insert the wires up the bottom of the decor item into the holder. If you didn’t have space issues, then you would just leave this on. Check... More

Cozy DIY Paper Yarn Lamp

Making a paper and yarn lamp? That’s so original and cozy! The supplies are a soda pet bottle of 2.5 liter, some masking tape, a small saw, some sand paper, paper yarn, Modge Podge, scissors, few rubber bands, a pendant lighting arrangement, a 1″ foam brush. Cut the bottle as close as possible to the neck. Sand the... More

Stylish DIY Leather Pendant Lamp

Leather pieces are stylish and cool, and working with leather is not so difficult. To make this pendant lamp you’ll need 4 – 25″ long leather straps, 4″ wooden circle plaque, a drill, nails, a hammer, on/off socket, switch cord, light socket, wire cutter. Measure the center point of the wooden circle and... More

Industrial Vintage DIY Wall Lamp

Industrial vintage lamps are on top right now as they have their own charm. Let’s make one for your space (preferably a bedroom), the supplies are Make-A-Lamp kit, craft jute, multi-purpose glue, pliers/wire strippers, a bag clip, vintage-style light bulb. First, make sure your cord is not plugged in. Thread the cord through... More

15 Cool DIY Industrial Lamps And Chandeliers

We continue telling you of amazing industrial pieces for your home décor and today it’s all about lamps that you can easily make yourself. Pipes are the most common material for such lamps and below you’ll see many cool examples and tutorials to make a lamp of pipes and bulbs – or even a chandelier. Concrete is also a... More

DIY Scandinavian-Inspired Wall Lamp

Scandinavian designs are getting more and more popular, designers create more and more pieces for home décor that remind of this simple but elegant style. So let’s make this cool Nordic-inspired wall lamp – it’ll be ideal for a bedroom. The supplies are two wooden planks, white braided wire, electric wire with a button,... More

DIY Copper Geometric Pendant Lamp

We’ve already told you of some cool copper crafts, and here’s one more idea – copper geometric pendant lamp. You’ll need 8 straight 2′ lengths of 1/4″ diameter soft cut copper pipe, 2 x 1.5″ diameter metal O-ring, 16 x 1¾” cotter pins, a cord set, a pen, C-clamp, a ruler or T-square, needlenose pliers, a... More

DIY Real Fallen Leaves Lantern

Let’s make a fall lantern inspired by fallen leaves. You’ll need spray paint, fallen leaves, a hot glue gun, rope for hanging. The first step is to spray paint the lantern gold in two, light applications. Next, spray paint the leaves gold, front and back.  Allow to dry completely. Begin assembly by turning the lantern... More