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How To Turn A Basket Into A Unique Pendant Light

Why do we love DIY things? Because we turn one things into others – such different things! I would never imagine a basket turned into a lamp but today’s tutorial is about it! You’ll need a box cutter, wire strippers, fabric-covered electrical cord, cut to desired hanging length plus an additional 12 inches, a standard... More

DIY Glass Block Nightlight In Wood

This beautiful night light will be ideal for any bedroom, prepare liquid fusion, square glass block, 1×4″ oak board, 1/4×1″ pine lath, 1/2″ diameter PVC x 2 1/4 inches long, 13/16″ wood bit, #8 x 1 1/4″ screws, 1 1/4″ finishing brads, 1/8″ diamond bit & chisel, a sponge... More

How To Turn A Vintage Thermos Into A Lamp

We’ve turned many objects into lamps already but a thermos! So unexpected! Looking forward to share it with you! You’ll need a thermos, a Make-A-Lamp Kit, a drill with 3/8″ drill bit, 3/8″ rubber grommet and safety glasses. Mark the spot you want to drill with masking tape just in case the bit slips. Drill the... More

DIY Sonobe Ball Lamp From Paper

We’ve just told you how to make a paper lamp, and here’s one more idea for those who like working with paper. Take 80 gr. paper, it’s stable but not too heavy for hanging on a cable. Please note, you need 30 of these elements, otherwise, you will not get a symmetric ball. The paper is A4 (size per unit, which is cut into... More

10 Romantic DIY Flower Lamps And Lights

Flower lamps are one of the hottest trends in modern décor, they look especially cute in feminine spaces. There are different designs that you can make yourself, without too much fuss. The easiest way to get a trendy piece is to take a usual lamp and decorate it with faux flowers. You can make silk or paper flowers yourself or... More

DIY Industrial Lamp With A Geometric Painted Wooden Base

Industrial lamps are popular more than ever, and this lamp is not only industrial – it’s original, modern and fun! The idea is also green as here we use reclaimed wood. You’ll need reclaimed wood, wood glue & nails, an electrical lamp kit with 8′ silver cord and nickel hardware finish, house paint, nickel plated... More

Voluminous DIY Paper Wall Lamp

A paper lamp? Unexpected and original! To make one you’ll need: a sheet of Canson drawing paper, a ruler, a pair of scissors, glue and double-sided tape. Cut three rectangles in your sheet according to the dimensions above. Fold the edges of each rectangle for about 1 inch. Draw an arc in each corner, you can use a plate... More

DIY Razor Clam Pendant Light For Beachy Decor

If you wanna add some beach charm to your décor, make this cool pendant light! You’ll need clean razor clam shells, a small rotary drill, a scrap board on which you can drill, a pendant fixture, light wire and clippers. Set your drill at Level 3, then place the bit about 1/4 inch from the end of the shell. Make sure your... More

11 Cool DIY Summer Party Lights Tutorials

Let’s party, guys! To prepare a party you’ll need some cool decorations, lights and food, and don’t forget that lights create the mood, so let’s find out how to realize some cheerful ideas. Actually, you can make summer party lights of everything that you have at hand: paper, bottles, foil, Dixie cups, tins cans and... More

DIY Wood And Brass Hanging Hoop Lights

Industrial lights are getting more and more popular, and here’s one more tutorial for you to make such a lamp. You’ll need a button plug, brass pipe, a ceramic socket, a brass socket cup, a brass gas cap, an embroidery hoop, cloth coil cord. Start by taking the cap, pipe, cup, and socket end (the metal part of the socket).... More