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Unique DIY Fringed Lampshade With Gemstones

Gemstones aren’t just for jewelry, they can be used for cool home décor, have a look at this lampshade from craftingfingers.co.uk. The supplies are 1mm cord, gemstones, washi or masking tape, scissors and a surface to secure base cord. To start, measure the circumference of your lampshade by wrapping the cord around it once.... More

DIY Minimal Wooden Frame Pendant Lamp

Need a cool pendant lamp? There’s an idea from ohohblog.com – a frame pendant lamp to make! You’ll need 4 wooden pieces. Cut the pieces at 45 angle, two pieces at 8′ length and 2 at 13′ length. Drill a hole in the center of the top piece. You must be able to pass the electric cable in it. Glue and nail the... More

11 Sweet DIY Shabby Chic Lamps And Lights

A shabby chic lamp is a must for many interiors, from vintage to glam and girlish ones, and they are so easy to make that you’ll be surprised. A rosette lamp or lampshade is a cool shabby chic-inspired idea that is quick and simple to realize: take some paper or fabric roses and attach them to the lampshade – and a new cute... More

How To Spruce Up A Usual Pendant Lamp

Let’s make a usual and boring lamp original with this simple tutorial from frkhansen.dk! You’ll need a simple pendant lamp in the desired size, spray paint, wooden blocks and wooden beads, paint in different colors. The first step is to spray paint the metal parts of the lamp. You can first use primer and then spray paint.... More

DIY Industrial Lantern From Metal Clamps

This is a super easy and relatively inexpensive project to add some mood lighting to a porch or outdoor space, thanks to babybugjournals.com. The supplies are 6″ metal clamps, 4″ duct cap, S-Hooks, 4′ section of chain link, candles. Take 3 metal clamps and do your best to fit them together into a circle shape.... More

Citrus Glow: DIY Orange Rind Luminaries

Orange rind luminaries make beautiful handmade table toppers. Their natural glow and subtle scent create a festive mood as the sun dips down. To make them you’ll need oranges, a sharp knife, a spoon, 1-2″ cookie cutter, a carving tool and tea lights. Using a sharp knife, cut your orange into half at the two-thirds mark from... More

11 Fun And Creative DIY Lamps And Lights For Kids’ Rooms

Nurseries and just kids’ rooms are a special place in every home because even if the interior of your home is strictly minimalist, the nursery should be a bit softer and cuter. There’s kids’ furniture and lamps that really differ from those for adults and today we gonna make a couple of awesome lamps for a kid’s room. A... More

DIY Paper Lantern With A Star Pattern

This lantern by everydaydishes.com is amazing due to the cute star effect, and it’ll be awesome both for adults and kids. Prepare a DIY paper lantern template, card stock, a precision knife, a hot glue gun, 4 18″ floral wire stems, 18-gauge, single socket cord, a low watt bulb. Download the DIY paper lantern template... More

13 Trendy DIY Marquee Lights, Letters And Signs

Marquees have become a huge décor trend because they look awesome, fun and eye-catching. Let’s make some marquee pieces that correspond your interior or just wishes. Marquee letters or maybe initials are very popular for any interior or even an event like a birthday party or a wedding. An abstract marquee light is also cute:... More

Fun DIY Neon Cactus Light With El Wire

This neon light from shrimpsaladcircus.com is a funny and cute idea for your interior and is suitable for any party. The supplies are lime green EL wire, heavy copper wire, a hammer, a bench block, scissors, a plant pot, foam board, a pencil, super glue and tape. Bend a piece of copper wire around the handle of the hammer to... More

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