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Industrial Vibe: DIY Giant Macrame Rope Lights

Industrial lights are super hot, and you can make one without spending much money and without any skills! Prepare rope or cording, lamp cord, a socket kit, a small vessel, glue. Find the center of your cording and place it behind the lamp wire. Take the left side and put it over the front of the lamp wire. And under the right... More

DIY Birch Bark Lamp For A Chic Rustic Touch

It’s easy to give a modern, rectangular table lamp a rustic makeover using sheets of pliable birch bark to get a bit of cabin chic. The supplies are a table lamp, sheets of bendable birch bark, a ruler, a marker or pen, heavy duty sheers, removable, double-sided adhesive strips, twine and scissors. Use a ruler to measure... More

7 DIY IKEA Foto Pendant Lamp Hacks You’ll Love

Foto lamp by IKEA is a universal piece suitable for any type of interior – from a kitchen to a kids’ room, and for many décor styles: Scandinavian, modern, mid-century modern, minimalist or industrial. You can use it in its original colors or hack and personalize a bit. The most popular hack here is repainting it from the... More

Simple DIY Gallows Wall Lamp To Make

This simple wall lamp will be perfect for a working space, a bedroom in case you have no place for a table lamp, or a cozy reading nook. To make one you’ll need transparent glue, scissors, yarn, a big craft stapler, a small lamp shade, a bulb holder with cable and an EKBY bracket. Cut off a long thread of yarn. How long the... More

Elegant DIY Faux Marble Table Lamp

Marble is classics that never goes out of style but it’s quite expensive. If you want to get a cool marble piece for your home décor without spending much money, make this faux marble lamp. The supplies are a lamp, marble contact paper, a ruler, a pencil and scissors. Measure the height of the white portion of the lamp, then... More

Easy And Minimalist DIY Concrete Base Lamp

A lamp from concrete easily can be made by yourself with quite simple tools and materials. First you will need a wooden board which is 14cm wide and 80cm long. From this board you need to saw five pieces with following dimensions: 4 pieces 14x16cm, 1 piece 14x14cm. Therefore you can use any electric saw or a hand saw. After you... More

5 Cool DIY IKEA Ranarp Lamp Hacks You’ll Like

Ranarp IKEA lamp is a cool piece suitable for any modern interior. There are several versions of it: pendant, wall, table, which makes it easier to find your own edition. But as all the IKEA items, Ranarp may seem too simple and impersonal to you, so may want to change it a bit and add your own touches. The first idea is to... More

DIY Upcycled Lampshade With Stripes And Lace

Add a touch of upcycled decor to your space with this easy thrifted lampshade DIY from melmariadesigns.com! The supplies are acrylic paint in white and blue, a foam and regular brush, school glue, lace trim. Paint your shade with the base color and foam brush. You may need to do a few coats in order to cover the old color.... More

Chic And Cheap DIY Lamp Makeover

If you have an old lamp and want to know how to renovate it, then this tutorial from aprudentlife.com is for you! Let’s get started. Before painting, remove the shade and tape off the electrical parts of the lamp. Paint the base and cover it with a clear lacquer spray to make it shine. Next find a new lampshade – you can... More

Cute DIY Ombre Hexagon Lampshade

Ombre pieces are in trend, everyone’s buying or making ombre furniture, painting walls and various items. Let’s make this ombre lamp, you’ll need a ruler, fabric paints, white spray paint, scissors, a sponge, yarn, hot glue, BBQ sticks and pliers. Define the measures of chopsticks for the lower hexagon and cut them... More

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