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12 Cool And Cheerful Christmas Jewelry Tutorials

Christmas is a fantastic holiday, and we enjoy even the expectation of it. Let’s make some pretty Christmas-themed jewelry – for you or to give it as awesome gifts. You can take some pretty little jingle bells and make a necklace of them or a bracelet. A bow tie necklace not only brings the Christmas spirit but also looks... More

DIY Felt Ball Necklace For Fall And Winter Outfits

The colder the weather is, the more we want to put on something warm. And this felt ball necklace looks so warm and comfy! The supplies are roving wool, DMC embroidery floss, felt ball making supplies, scissors, a needle. First, make your felt balls. Cut 60 inches of floss. Tie a knot 16 inches from the end of your string.... More

DIY Fancy Candy Jewelry For A Sweettooth

Candy jewelry is a great idea not only for Halloween but also as a cool gift for any girl – from a little one to a grown up. To make a sugar lips necklace you’ll need 1 Sugar Lips candy, chunky gold chain necklace, thick gold wire, a wire cutter, needle nose pliers. Clip off a 3″ piece of wire with the wire cutter. Use... More

DIY Jewelry Dish With Copper Touches

There are many ways to store jewelry, and here’s a very cool idea – a beautiful jewelry dish. You’ll need: white air dry clay, a metallic copper sharpie or copper leaf, sizing, a paint brush and sealer. Start by rolling out a long sausage of clay about three eighths of an inch (1cm) thick. Then make a small coil bowl... More

Girlish DIY Bracelet Camera Strap

We’ve told you how to make some camera straps and how to make a girlish version for a small camera? Let’s make a strap that doesn’t look like a usual one but like a bracelet, it’s not for your neck but for your hands. You’ll need needle and thread, elastic thread, beads and thin thread. Roll the elastic... More

20 Cool And Easy Halloween Jewelry Tutorials

To highlight your Halloween style you’ll need some cool jewelry that you can easily make yourself without wasting much time or money. A simple glue gun necklace for your daughter is an ideal thing and is very easy to make. Spider webs are trendy for charms, necklaces and rings. Mummies, skulls and spiders are fantastic and... More

Cool Colorful DIY Beaded Earrings

Looking for some cute jewelry or a tutorial how to make it? Here it is! The supplies are Non-Magnetic Hematite Bead, 4mm Acrylic Rhinestone Bead, 6mm Bicone Glass Bead, an earring hook, a headpin, a jump ring, 0.5mm brass wire, side cutting pliers, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers. Slide 1 Non-Magnetic Hematite Bead and 5... More

Chic DIY Coral Beads Bracelet

It’s almost autumn and it’s high time to make an accessory that would remind you of bright and sunny summer days. You’ll need a coral bead strand, a round glass bead, 1mm nylon thread, scissors and a lighter. Cut 6 strips of 1mm nylon wire, 5 strands that are 100cm long and 1strand that is about 150cm long. Fold them in... More

Casual DIY Five Strand Braid Bracelet

Casual jewelry is cool, simple to make and highlights your everyday outfits very well. Let’s make a cool five-strand-braid bracelet to wear with jeans. The supplies are leather threads and an arrow. Attach the threads to a plane surface, divide them so that you have three on the left side and two on the right. The left side:... More

23 Tutorials To Make Eco-Friendly Natural Wood Jewelry

Those who want to wear nothing harmful like plastic or something will be definitely interested in these tutorials because here all the pieces are made of wood. Wooden beads have always been an infinite source of inspiration and a cool craft material to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets. But the beads shape is not the only... More

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