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DIY Herringbone Coffee Table

Herringbone pattern is stylish, always elegant and easy to create, that’s why today we’ll make this herringbone table. You’ll need a herringbone stencil, vinyl, gold metallic spray paint and a small table. Wipe it down really good and remove all of the gunk off of it. Make a herringbone stencil out of vinyl and stick it... More

Colorful DIY IKEA Sigurd Bench Hack

Ikea hacks are very popular today because many of their works are like a canvas which requires some art work. To make this colorful bench you’ll need Ikea Sigurd bench, various color samples, carpenter glue, 8x planks of pine. First, you’ll paint the wood using a fine brush or small paint roller to coat each plank. Paint... More

13 Original IKEA Table Hacks

We continue telling you about cool and clever IKEA hacks, and today it’s table that we’ll talk about. You can revamp any table, from a dining one to a bedside one in the style you like. If you are looking for a romantic or festive variant, take IKEA Lack table and put some lights under the tabletop – and you got it! A... More

12 Cool IKEA Sideboards And Dressers Hacks

IKEA pieces are amazingly simple and stylish, ideal for creating a simple and sometimes rustic interior. But what if you want something brighter? You can take a plain IKEA dresser or sideboard and decorate it according to your taste and needs, and maybe change its function like making a bedside table or a desk from a dresser.... More

DIY Belt Chair Renovation

If you have an old chair and want to renovate it somehow unusual, that’s the idea for you. You’ll need some painting or staining supplies or spray paint and old belts – various and colorful. Sand the chair and stain it with the stain you’ve chosen. Once stained, sealed and dry, attach belts across using furniture tacks.... More

Colorful Renovation Of An Old Folding Chair

Old things shouldn’t be wasted and thrown away if you can give them a second life. To renovate a usual folding chair you’ll need a screwdriver, drop cloth, spray paint (2 cans per chair), fabric, scissors, a staple gun and staples. Remove the seat and place chair on drop cloth and wipe down with damp towel. Apply two coats... More

Easy DIY Computer Desk Renovation

We started the topic of renovation from a new laptop skin and now here’s one more idea – this time it’s for your laptop or computer desk. You’ll need colorful paper tape and scissors. You may choose bright colors of the rainbow like in this tutorial or your own combination. Clean off your desk from all dust and... More

How To Make Bright Flower Dresser Of An Old One

If have an old dresser, don’t hurry to throw it away, you can make a wonderful flower piece of it that would always make you think of summer and spring. How? First remove the face plate, now apply a thin even coat of spray paint on it, try warm yellow to make it more cheerful. Find some scrapbooking paper you like and cut... More

IKEA Trolsta Table Renovation Into A Vintage Pouf

IKEA furniture has always been an object to changes and various decorations because it’s rather simple and easy to change. Side table called Trolsta, model of 2012, is interesting because of its legs’ shape in Gustav’s style and simple white color. You can easily change it into a vintage pouf. You’ll need this... More

Cool And Original Wooden Planter Renovation

If you don’t know how to renovate a usual wooden planter, you can use a chevron pattern or do like this – in a vintage shabby way. For the project you’ll need a wood planter box, several dozen wood shims, wood glue, craft paint or paint samples from the paint department, small paintbrushes, miter box or compound miter... More