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DIY Photo Decoupage Renovation Of An Old Sideboard

If you have some old furniture and want to refresh it, there’s a great crafty idea. The supplies are a blue print copy of a photo you love, scrap paper, Royal Coat Decoupage Finish, foam brushes and an X-Acto knife. First, create a pattern for your furniture piece onto scrap paper. Use this pattern to cut your blue print... More

How To Renovate A Chair With Vintage Fabric

Many of us have unnecessary things at home, and what I love about them is a possibility to give them a new life. Today we’ll renovate an old chair into a stylish one, you’ll need 1/2 yard of vinyl, 1/2 – 1 yard worth of fabric of your choice that can hold up to furniture wear, a staple gun, a scissors, tape for finishing.... More

DIY Upcycled Vintage Painted Dresser

How can you upcycle a dresser? Easily! You’ll need an old dresser, primer, paint of the color you like, sanding paper and spray paint for the hardware. Take an old dresser, and after a quick sanding and minor patching, apply 3 coats of primer. Always take the time to apply several thin coats and let it dry for plenty of time... More

DIY Kitchen Chairs Painting And Reupholstering

We’ve already told you how to renovate your old chairs, and here’s one more idea for your kitchen. You’ll need old mismatched chairs, sandpaper, paint that you like, fabric and a furniture stapler. Sand them down lightly, then use the paint sprayer to prime them and put several light coats of paint on them. Better spray... More

How To Upholster And Paint A Coffee Table

Continuing the theme of renovating old furniture, we’d like to tell you about turning a coffee table into a ottoman. Stripping old paint off an old furniture piece is crucial, and should be complete to achieve a long-lasting new finish. Cleaning the entire piece with wood stripper, will bring out the beautiful natural wood... More

9 DIY Dressing Table Makeovers You’ll Like

Every girl should have a place to store her makeup and to make it also, so a cool dressing table is a necessary thing in a bedroom. You can easily get it revamping an old dressing table or even a desk into a new and stylish one. Take an old vanity, sand it and paint so that you liked it – with some color or stencils you... More

23 Easy And Fast DIY Chair Makeovers

Revamping old furniture is not only a cool idea but also one of the hottest trends today because making new furniture of the old is great, ecologic and saves lots of materials and your money. Today we’ll discuss how to makeover a chair. Dying a chair is the simplest idea to realize, you’ll need just some paint or spray... More

15 Awesome DIY Coffee Table Makeovers

If you have an old and ugly or boring coffee table, we’ve got a bunch of ideas for you to change it! The easiest idea to renovate a coffee table is, of course, to paint it the color or colors you like, or just stain it. Use various stencils like herringbone, floral patterns, stripes and other cool geometric patterns. Paint... More

9 DIY Dipped Chair Tutorials For Any Taste

The easiest way to renovate anything is dying it –  it’s fast, budget-friendly and doesn’t require special skills. We’ve already told you how to make or renovate vases using this idea, and today we’ll talk about furniture, and particularly chairs. So, if you have a plain or just old chair, you can take some paint (or... More

DIY Herringbone Coffee Table

Herringbone pattern is stylish, always elegant and easy to create, that’s why today we’ll make this herringbone table. You’ll need a herringbone stencil, vinyl, gold metallic spray paint and a small table. Wipe it down really good and remove all of the gunk off of it. Make a herringbone stencil out of vinyl and stick it... More