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9 Smart DIY Bathroom Storage Pieces

Whichever bathroom you have – a small or a big one, you need to store towels, shampoos, soap, bath salts, sponges and many other things. Making wall shelves is the best idea to save some space and get a cool storage; you can make them of any material – wood, old pallets, even woven baskets – just attach them to the wall;... More

Refined DIY Jewelry Organizer From Concrete

Jewelry organizers are always necessary as every girl has a lot of accessories. This one looks very refined, you’ll need glass vases/ glass bowls, a plastic container, a paint stick, ceramix, plaster or concrete, plastic cups, a utility knife or sandpaper. Prepare the ceramix according to the label directions, then pour the... More

DIY Wood Hanger Necklace Holder

Every girl has a lot of jewelry, and today we’ll tell you how to make the easiest necklace holder ever! The idea is extremely simple – making it of a wood hanger! The supplies are not many, and you won’t need any skills to make it. Genial, thanks to Dwell Beautiful! You can read the whole tutorial with pictures... More

8 Creative DIY Entry Shoes Storage Solutions

Where do you store your shoes? Do they clutter the whole space? We’ve gathered a bunch of cool tutorials to help you to store them neatly and comfortably. A traditional shoe rack is a cool idea in case you have enough space and some wood-working skills; some old crates can be easily turned into wall shoe racks. A shoes... More

17 Awesome DIY Industrial Shelves And Racks

Industrial style is gaining popularity – it’s good not only for masculine space but also for some service spaces like a pantry or a kitchen. An industrial shelf, though, would look great not only in an industrial interior but also in a modern, minimalist, rustic or shabby chic one. You needn’t buy industrial shelves... More

DIY Jewelry Stand Of Glass And Brass Tableware

We’ve already told you about various jewelry stands for any style – of vintage teacups, of clay and wooden frames. Let’s make a glass one with a slight vintage feel. You’ll need some antique plates and vases that I’m sure you have at home (the best idea is a combo of glass and brass tableware), a hot glue gun. Take... More

DIY Jewelry Dish With Copper Touches

There are many ways to store jewelry, and here’s a very cool idea – a beautiful jewelry dish. You’ll need: white air dry clay, a metallic copper sharpie or copper leaf, sizing, a paint brush and sealer. Start by rolling out a long sausage of clay about three eighths of an inch (1cm) thick. Then make a small coil bowl... More

How To Make Instagram Print Jewelry Hangers

Have you seen our instagram crafts roundup? Here’s an idea for those who love instagram – a glam and bohemian craft being modern and cool. Don’t part with your instagram photos and make these instagram jewelry hangers! You’ll need wire cutters, Printstagram squares in either size, glue gun, push pins and blu-tack. Using... More

Convenient In Using DIY Jewelry Tray

We’ve already told you of many ideas to store jewelry – from vintage cups to cactus holders made of clay. Today we’ll make a convenient and simple jewelry tray for storage. The supplies are acrylic paint, cardboard in the shape of a bowl, plate or something similar to it and screws. Use acrylic paint and give it at least... More

DIY Circle Shelf With A Rustic Touch

Circle shelves are awesome and add a special look to any room, this one will be also rustic as it looks like it’s made of an old wine barrel. The supplies are an old basket, some unfinished pieces of wood, a miter box saw, a circular saw, a belt sander, stain, a nail gun. Cut the back side of the basket off using the... More