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DIY Bobby Pin Jar From Oven Bake Clay

This bobby pin jar is a must for every girl, and you can store all those pretty little accessories there. To make one you’ll need oven bake clay, craft paint – 2 contrasting colors, a plastic knife, felt scrap. Roll out a circle of clay that is 2 inches in diameter and 1/4″ thick. Roll out a strip of clay that is a... More

Cute And Girly DIY Storage Boxes

Every girl needs charming storage boxes for her little things like jewelry, accessories, makeup and stuff. Let’s make a couple of cute ones! The supplies are a cardboard box, printed medium-weight fabric, PVA glue or Modge Podge, a clean paint brush or sponge, clothes pegs, labels, sharp scissors, pinking shears and white... More

Colorful DIY Air Dry Clay Jewelry Dishes

I just can’t get enough of those jewelry dishes! I have lots of accessories and these holders and dishes are so cute that I just can’t stop making new ones! The piece that inspired me today is coming from JourneyCreativity blog and it’s an air dry clay dish or dishes if you need some. Take your clay and form a ball; then... More

Stylish DIY Faux Metal Dish For Accessories

Spring is the most romantic time of the year, love is in the air! It’s time to make your outfits even more feminine and romantic, so take a look at your accessories. Need a good organizer to handle them? Here it is! The DIYDiary blog shared the project of this wonderful faux metal dish for jewelry, prepare polymer clay, a... More

DIY Burlap Jewelry Organization Board

Girls, pay your attention to this project: it’s a jewelry organizer, and this time it’s especially for those who love rustic décor. You’ll need a 11 x 17 inch bulletin board, mini-sized clothespins, pushpins, burlap fabric. To create the pins, use a glue gun to attach the pushpins to small size clothespins. To make the... More

6 DIY Geometric Jewelry Dishes, Trays And Bowls

I know that you, girls, have lots and lots of jewelry just like me. It’s time to make a pretty and stylish storage for your favorite accessories! Continuing the theme of geo pieces, I’ve prepared a bunch of tutorials of geometric jewelry storage items. The easiest idea is to take or make a simple dish and then paint or use... More

Creative And Useful DIY House Necklace Organizer

If you have a lot of necklaces and don’t know how to store them in the most comfortable way, here’s an idea from TheLovelyDrawer blog! The supplies are a wooden house, white spray paint or paint, metallic gold spray paint, washi tape, a plastic bag, 25mm gold unshouldered cup hooks, a pencil and ruler. First spray or paint... More

Stylish And Original DIY Triangle Shelf

Creative storage is always great! For these triangle shelves prepare a mitre saw, tape measure, wood glue, a brad nailer, a lumber. Choose a side length. Cut three identical trapezoidal sections out of your lumber (the side view of each piece should look like a trapezoid). The longest edge of your piece should equal the length... More

7 DIY Smart Stairs Storage Tutorials

If you have a stairs at home, make it functional! A usual stairs can become a great storage space – smart, comfy in using and absolutely invisible. If you’ve decided to build a storage unit under the stairs, you can make it in two ways: make shelves inside and doors outside or just drawers that can be opened from the side... More

13 DIY Makeup Organizers And Holders For Every Girl

Every girl has lots of makeup, nail polishes, mascaras, cream, toners and many other stuff that we need to look amazing. How is it better to store it all? A nice vanity would be right to the point but if you don’t have space for it or just consider it too old-fashioned, then you’ll need a good brush holder, a rack or other... More