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17 DIY Space-Saving Bathroom Shelves And Storage Ideas

Lack of space, especially in bathrooms, is a very frequent problem nowadays. Let’s fight it with this roundup of space-saving shelf ideas! First of all, have a look at your walls and decide where you’ll hang the shelves – they should be open because this is the best model to store and not to clutter the space at the same... More

Simple DIY Wall Shelves Hung On Ropes

A piece of rope can be a cool way to suspend a couple of shelves, have a look at this project by apieceofrainbow.com and prepare 50 feet of 1/4″ sisal rope, wood shelves: each piece measures 8″ wide by 24″ long by 0,75″ thick, acrylic paint, a drill. Dye the rope by dipping it into a bowl of diluted yellow acrylic... More

Minimal DIY Wall Organizer For Various Stuff

This cool wall organizer is awesome for desk accessories or craft materials, and your kids would be happy to have such a piece for their stuff. To make it you’ll need plywood, acrylic paint, sandpaper, 2 wooden blocks, various plastic pipes, bottles or cans, plastic animals and wood glue. Paint the large plywood board with... More

9 Trendy DIY Geometric Wall Shelf Projects

Geometric décor is super popular right now, and many designers create fantastic items in geometric shapes and with such patterns. Geometric décor can be used both in retro and very modern interiors depending on the shapes and looks, and today we are going to inspire you with cool geometric shelves that will not only store... More

Striped DIY Hanging Branch Jewelry Display

If you’ve been following us, you’ve already seen driftwood craft roundup, and this one from forthemakers.com is also dedicated to the same topic. To make this branch jewelry display, you’ll need a medium/long sized branch, cup hooks, thin-sized drill bits, a power drill, 3-4 different colors of embroidery floss, scissors,... More

10 DIY Driftwood Wall Hangers And Holders For Various Stuff

Driftwood is a very popular material for crafting as it’s eco-friendly and easy to find. We’ve already told you of some crafts to make from it, and today I’d like to continue the theme telling you of wall hangers and holders. The good thing about driftwood here is that you can just find a proper piece of driftwood and... More

DIY Fabric Storage Box With A Handle

A storage box is a necessary thing in every home as it’s a perfect piece for storage and you can make in any style and color. To make one you’ll need a carton box, fabrics, cotton webbing, brads, 2 pcs, label plate & brads, ribbon, thick plastic sheet as the reinforced backing for the handle, cork or felt pads,... More

Cute DIY Mahogany Cubby Organizer

A cubby organizer is a great way to organize all your stuff, and thecasualcraftlete.com presents a cool project to renovate one! You’ll need Minwax 8 oz wood finish red mahogany oil-based interior stain, a staining brush, a hand sander using 120 sandpaper, rags to wipe stain. First, start by cleaning the cubby using a Magic... More

Trendy DIY Stained Hexagon Wall Shelves

Geometric décor is one of the hottest modern trends, let’s follow it making these awesome geo wall shelves from sheknows.com. You’ll need pinewood boards, a saw, a nail gun or hammer and nails, stainable wood filler, sandpaper, a paintbrush, paint pads, wood stain, paint and picture hanging brackets. Cut the wood with a... More

11 Romantic DIY Shabby Chic Jewelry Holders And Hangers

Every girls has lots of jewelry and needs to organize it, so today I’m sharing shabby chic jewelry holders. Shabby chic is perhaps one of the best styles for a jewelry hanger because it’s romantic, sophisticated and truly girlish, so let’s have a look what you can get. Old frames, hangers, vintage tableware can become a... More