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Easy DIY Mason Jar Lid Jewelry Dish

More and more jewelry dishes to store all our accessories! Here’s one more idea to store your stuff in a stylish way. The supplies are a metal mason jar ring and lid, scrapbook paper, felt or fleece fabric, fabric ribbon, hot glue, scissors and a pencil. Trace the lid on your scrapbook paper with a pencil then cut out the... More

DIY Shelf Of A Wooden Board And Leather Belt

Creating original storage solutions is easy! Today we are sharing this genius idea from Nur-Noch blog, it’s a belt shelf. The supplies are a shelving board or other wood and a wide suede belt. First draw the outline of the new shelf on the board and saw it. In order to create a nice contrast to the leather, paint the wood... More

12 Original And Functional DIY Key Holders To Make

Running around and looking for your keys everywhere? Late every morning because can’t find your keys? Then a key holder is a must! There are lots and lots of fast and easy ideas to realize, so don’t hesitate to find a piece that suits you. The most popular and easy way to do that is to make a small key shelf with several... More

Creative Storage: 8 DIY Sofa Caddies And Holders

Feeling tired after a long and hard day? Or maybe lazy at the weekend? Don’t like looking for your remote every time you need it? Then a sofa caddy or holder is right what you need! The easiest way to make a piece is to sew it: make a caddy with several pockets for magazines, remotes and newspapers, be creative about the... More

DIY Bobby Pin Jar From Oven Bake Clay

This bobby pin jar is a must for every girl, and you can store all those pretty little accessories there. To make one you’ll need oven bake clay, craft paint – 2 contrasting colors, a plastic knife, felt scrap. Roll out a circle of clay that is 2 inches in diameter and 1/4″ thick. Roll out a strip of clay that is a... More

Cute And Girly DIY Storage Boxes

Every girl needs charming storage boxes for her little things like jewelry, accessories, makeup and stuff. Let’s make a couple of cute ones! The supplies are a cardboard box, printed medium-weight fabric, PVA glue or Modge Podge, a clean paint brush or sponge, clothes pegs, labels, sharp scissors, pinking shears and white... More

Colorful DIY Air Dry Clay Jewelry Dishes

I just can’t get enough of those jewelry dishes! I have lots of accessories and these holders and dishes are so cute that I just can’t stop making new ones! The piece that inspired me today is coming from JourneyCreativity blog and it’s an air dry clay dish or dishes if you need some. Take your clay and form a ball; then... More

Stylish DIY Faux Metal Dish For Accessories

Spring is the most romantic time of the year, love is in the air! It’s time to make your outfits even more feminine and romantic, so take a look at your accessories. Need a good organizer to handle them? Here it is! The DIYDiary blog shared the project of this wonderful faux metal dish for jewelry, prepare polymer clay, a... More

DIY Burlap Jewelry Organization Board

Girls, pay your attention to this project: it’s a jewelry organizer, and this time it’s especially for those who love rustic décor. You’ll need a 11 x 17 inch bulletin board, mini-sized clothespins, pushpins, burlap fabric. To create the pins, use a glue gun to attach the pushpins to small size clothespins. To make the... More

6 DIY Geometric Jewelry Dishes, Trays And Bowls

I know that you, girls, have lots and lots of jewelry just like me. It’s time to make a pretty and stylish storage for your favorite accessories! Continuing the theme of geo pieces, I’ve prepared a bunch of tutorials of geometric jewelry storage items. The easiest idea is to take or make a simple dish and then paint or use... More