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DIY Birch Bark Lamp For A Chic Rustic Touch

It’s easy to give a modern, rectangular table lamp a rustic makeover using sheets of pliable birch bark to get a bit of cabin chic. The supplies are a table lamp, sheets of bendable birch bark, a ruler, a marker or pen, heavy duty sheers, removable, double-sided adhesive strips, twine and scissors. Use a ruler to measure... More

Stunning DIY Nautical-Inspired Accent Table

This adorable nautical accent table is just love! I’ve never seen a more original piece in this style, and you can make it yourself without spending much money! Gather three 1.5″ x 1.5″ pine lumber pieces, two 3/4″ x 1.5″ pine lumber pieces, one 3/4″ x 3/4″ pine lumber piece, a scrap piece... More

DIY Stencil Thrifted Bookshelf Makeover

Got an old bookshelf and don’t know how to renovate it? Here’s a project from diypassion.com! Take your bookshelf and use a sander to strip the sides and the front bits of stain. The prime and paint the inside of the shelf, here the author wanted a greyish shade. Once it is dry, tape off the other side and restain the bare... More

DIY Kitchen Bookshelf With Shutter Doors

The DIY kitchen bookshelf has sides that are created from one set of bifold “shutter” doors, and the shelves are made from a half of a set of a bifold regular door. Once you have the width of your space, you are going to build a base structure for the top by simply building a box, totaling the total width plus the thickness... More

8 Quick DIY IKEA FÖRHÖJA Kitchen Cart Hacks

IKEA FÖRHÖJA kitchen cart Gives you extra storage, utility and work space. You can quickly view and access what’s inside because the drawers can be pulled out from both sides, and there is open storage with space for 9 bottles on each shelf. The piece has a simple light finish that makes it suitable for any kitchen.... More

8 Creative And Simple DIY IKEA Bekvam Stool Makeovers

IKEA Bekvam stool is a very comrtable and simple piece made of solid wood, which is a durable natural material. Hand-hole in the top step makes the step stool easy to move. This piece can get many uses and hacks, so let’s have a look how you can personalize them. You can easily paint tor spray paint the steps and leave the... More

9 Awesome DIY IKEA Kura Bed Makeovers To Excite Your Kids

IKEA Kura bed is a cool piece for kids’ rooms, it’s a bunk bed ideal for shared rooms, recommended for the kids of 6 years and older. Its simple design gives freedom for your creativity, so it’s time to hack it! Kura can be decorated, hacked and turned in almost anything: a firetruck, a castle, a real shelter for your... More

DIY Aztec Printed Nightstand Makeover

This old nightstand was a huge mess before it was renovated by deliciousanddiy.com. First, it was sanded, then spray painted with chalky finish paint in white. Here there are two coats applied but you can go for as many as you need. The most difficult part is applying a pattern to the nightstand. Do the trace out with a pencil... More

9 Simple And Smart DIY IKEA VITTSJÖ Shelving Unit Makeovers

IKEA VITTSJÖ shelving unit is made from tempered glass and metal, which are durable materials that provide an open, airy feel. It can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if you need change. Adjustable feet for stability on uneven floors. You can select the look you like best... More

How To Update An Old Tree Stump Table

We’ve already spoken about tree stump furniture, and today’s article is dedicated to the same. If you already have a tree stump piece and want to renovate it, this tutorial from delineateyourdwelling.com will help you. This tree stump table was 20 years old, and if you have something like that, you can update it easily and... More

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