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Stylish DIY Stump Bedside Table In 2 Versions

We’ve already told you of cool stump furniture, and here’s one more cool projects to the list. To make these bedside tables you will need: thick ropes, thin and soft rope, hot glue, tape, a wood drill, black paint, 4-pin plastic mounting screws. First of all, screw the ends of the rope, cover them with tape. Drill holes in... More

DIY Geometric Pendant Light Fixture Of Straws

Remember we told you of cool geometric lamps to make a statement? Here’s one more idea from PearlsAndScissors blog that hadn’t been listed. Prepare cocktail straws, crafting wire, a wire cutter, scissors, thick felt and glue. You’ll need 18 long straws, 12 half straws, and 12 quarter straws. Be as precise as possible... More

9 DIY Geometric Furniture Pieces For Trendy Home Décor

Geometric décor rules the world as it helps to accentuate barely any interior and is very versatile. Today we’ll see how to renovate different furniture pieces in a geometric way to make your interior cool. The first way is to take you item and paint it with some geometric pattern: chevron, triangles, squares and so on.... More

11 DIY Geometric Lamps To Make A Statement

Geometric items are extremely popular for home décor because they can polish any style and work great for both masculine and feminine spaces. A geometric lamp is a cool way to make a statement in any space, from a dining room to a home office. You can take metal tubing or some pipes and create a shape around a bulb – this... More

DIY Geometric Shoe Rack Of Cardboard

Geometric designs are getting more and more popular today, and this shoe rack is inspired by them. Each module here is a triangular tube, the length and size of the module depends on your shoe size! Start by creating a module: cut a piece of cardboard to the size you need, here it’s about 21″x24″. Score it into 3 equal... More

DIY Wire Spool Wooden Stool With Upholstery

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve already seen a lots of original stools that you can make with your hands but today’s tutorial is super creative as Mabeyshemadeit blog offers to make a stool of wire spools! You’ll need 2 wire spools, pliers, wood stain, clear coat, a stapler and staples, foam, an electric... More

Cool DIY Dining Room Floating Shelves

If you need a good storage that won’t look bulky, try to make these floating shelves. The supplies are two 2″ x 3″ x 8′ pine boards, ripped down to: eight 7.75″ long pieces , two 48″ long pieces; one 1″ x 10″ x 8′ pine board, ripped down to: two 48″ long pieces; one 1″ x 4″ x 12′ pine board, ripped... More

Stylish DIY IKEA Vaster Lamp Hack

IKEA hacks are extremely popular right now, as these simple pieces are a perfect canvas for decorating. Today we’ll hack IKEA Vaster pendant light, besides it you’ll need frosted glass spray paint, metallic spray paint of your choice, 1 PVC vertical blind slat, 1/2” wooden furniture plugs, thin brass/gold wire. Begin by... More

8 DIY Patchwork Stools And Chairs You Can Easily Make

If you have an old chair or a couple of stools, you can easily renovate them using old fabric or clothes – no special skills are required, you just need to like sewing. So, the common instruction is to take off the old upholstery and then measure how much fabric you need. After that just turn on your creativity: arrange... More

Small DIY Hanging Bathroom Shelf

If you want to make an easy and quick bathroom shelf, this tutorial is right what you need. Atilio blog shared a wonderful and super easy idea of a small yet functional bathroom shelf to make, and it doesn’t require any special skills.The supplies are a drill, scissors, a plank, rope, two hooks and four wooden beads. Cut the... More