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9 DIY IKEA Ingo Table Makeovers You Should Try

IKEA Ingo is a simple plain pine dining table that can be easily transformed into something much more eye-catching and creative – just turn on your imagination! You can make it industrial or rustic using stain and changing legs for metal ones. You can change it into a coffee table making the legs shorter, or renovate the top... More

5 Super Creative And Cool DIY Beds For Boys

When your kid is small, he or she always wants and looks for something bold and original. Today I’d like to share awesome DIYs for your sons – these are super original kids’ beds that your kids will definitely love! Boys love cars of any kind, so design a themed room and add a cool bed – a tractor, firetruck, racing... More

9 Functional And Creative DIY Bunk Beds For Kids

A bunk bed is a type of bed in which one bed frame is stacked on top of another, and I can’t imagine a better piece for a shared kids’ room. Bunk beds are normally supported by four poles or pillars, one at each corner of the bed. A ladder is used to get to the upper bed, which is normally surrounded by a railing to prevent... More

DIY IKEA Hack: Gold And Marble Bar Cart

Remember we told you of IKEA bar cart hacks? Here’s a detailed tutorial how to do that, prepare IKEA BYGEL Utility Cart, Rust-Oleum White Primer General Purpose Spray Paint, Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint, Grey Marble Contact Paper, scissors, an X-aCTO knife. Put the BYGEL cart together WITHOUT the wheels or shelves.... More

11 Super Creative DIY IKEA Besta Hacks You’ll Like

IKEA items are a perfect material for creations of any kind due to their simplicity and stylish modenr design. IKEA Besta units are multifunctional and their look just tells you, ‘Hack me, please!’. It’s white but you can add colors, patterns, lights and decorate and use it as a TV unit. You can also create a whole stack... More

Stylish And Elegant DIY Low Kids’ Books Bin

These low book bins make it perfect for kids to browse through their books without taking them all out of the case. Prepare wood: bottom piece 34 1/2″ x 17″, front and back pieces 3 feet x 9 1/4″, side pieces 17″ x 9 1/4″, inserts 17″ x 8 1/2″, measuring tape, a saw, a drill + drill bits or nails/wood glue,... More

DIY Space-Saving Folding Side Table

A folding table is a perfect idea for any small space, it’s also mobile. To make this one you’ll need 1/2-inch MDF board, 3/4-inch plywood, tape measure, a pencil, a jigsaw, a circular saw, a drill with 1-inch spade, double-sided tape, a router with 1-inch flush trim router bit, sandpaper and satin polyurethane. Measure and... More

Industrial Vibe: DIY Giant Macrame Rope Lights

Industrial lights are super hot, and you can make one without spending much money and without any skills! Prepare rope or cording, lamp cord, a socket kit, a small vessel, glue. Find the center of your cording and place it behind the lamp wire. Take the left side and put it over the front of the lamp wire. And under the right... More

DIY Birch Bark Lamp For A Chic Rustic Touch

It’s easy to give a modern, rectangular table lamp a rustic makeover using sheets of pliable birch bark to get a bit of cabin chic. The supplies are a table lamp, sheets of bendable birch bark, a ruler, a marker or pen, heavy duty sheers, removable, double-sided adhesive strips, twine and scissors. Use a ruler to measure... More

Stunning DIY Nautical-Inspired Accent Table

This adorable nautical accent table is just love! I’ve never seen a more original piece in this style, and you can make it yourself without spending much money! Gather three 1.5″ x 1.5″ pine lumber pieces, two 3/4″ x 1.5″ pine lumber pieces, one 3/4″ x 3/4″ pine lumber piece, a scrap piece... More

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