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Easy DIY Scarf And Accessory Hanger

If you have lots of scarves and don’t know how to organize them, there’s a cool idea for you! To make this accessory hanger you’ll need 10 shower curtain hooks, 1 pants hanger, acrylic paint, a sponge brush, painter’s tape, E-6000 glue, super glue, wax paper. First, paint your hanger.  You can opt to keep the... More

11 Awesome Spring Home Décor Crafts To Make

Spring décor is special – it’s refreshing, full of colors and flowers! Here are some cool crafts to make your home look spring-like. Vinyl is a good background for any art, so you can make a collage or an art piece – attach the details or words you consider meaningful and spring-inspired, choose vibrant colors. Make... More

7 DIY Ways To Hide A Pet Litter Box

If you have a cat, it definitely needs a litter box but how can you hide it to save your space design? There are some easy ways to do that, and the first one is to renovate some furniture piece – choose an IKEA piece of the proper size, make an entrance and put the kitty loo inside. In case you don’t want to use a furniture... More

10 DIY Spring Living Terrariums To Make

Everybody wants to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the awakening nature but we don’t often have time for this, so a living terrarium is a cool idea to bring a piece of it home. There are different shapes of terrariums and the things you can choose for them – from a real terrarium to a usual glass jar or globe. The choice... More

DIY Cardboard Earrings Holder

If you have lots of earrings and don’t want to lose them all, you definitely need a holder! To make one, you’ll need a piece of cardboard, a ribbon or string, a puncher, a needle. Measure your earrings and have a fixed spacing, once you have determined the spacing, mark the slots on the card with a pencil and then punch... More

DIY Marble Laptop Decorating

Got a laptop and wanna renovate it somehow? Contact paper is a good thing for decorating as you needn’t any skills. There’s a cool idea to do that, and the supplies are just contact paper and a scissor. All you need to do is to start by measuring out your paper so it will cover the top of your computer. Cover your computer... More

DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Heart Pillow

This heart pillow is inspired by an Anthropologie one, so you’ll need fabric of the darker color and the lighter one, some filling (you can take from an old pillow), a sewing machine and a pen. Once you’ve washed, dried and ironed your fabric, cut out your pillow pieces from the darker linen. For the back, you want to cut... More

Easy DIY Anchor Pillow To Make

A cool anchor pillow is a nice decoration for any space, especially a marine one. To make one you’ll need a 12×12 square of fabric. So start out by cutting a 12 x 12 square of fabric. Then iron on the interface. Once you have your pieces cut go ahead and iron your anchor on. You can use canvas for most of the pillow and... More

6 Various DIY Fabric Headboards To Make

These are not upholstered headboards but just fabric ones – have a look at them! A cute and romantic idea is to make a cool ruffled headboard, you’ll need to hang some ruffled fabric on the wall behind your bed – on some rail. A curtain headboard is also great, even in case you don’t have a window behind – it looks... More

DIY Soy Candles In Bistro Glasses

Bistro glasses are like mason jars – usable for any craft. So, why not use them for making candles? The supplies are 4 – 4 oz. bistro glasses, soy wax flakes, soy braided candle wicks, colored wax for dyeing your candles, candle scents, bamboo skewers and a hot glue gun. Take your braided wicks and place at the bottom of... More