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Original DIY Kokeshi Easter Eggs

Kokeshi are wooden lacquered Japanese dolls painted in colorful kimonos.  The kimonos range from bright and vibrant to earth-toned and natural looking.  Why not use this idea for Easter? To make kokeshi Easter eggs you’ll need 2 tbsp loose pu-erh tea, 4 cups of water, 8 eggs, a medium pot for boiling eggs, a slotted spoon,... More

14 Creative DIY Air Plant Décor Ideas

Air plants need no soil because water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves, and the roots are used as anchors only. That’s why these plants are ideal for home décor as you can display them however you want adding a cool green touch to the décor. Making an air plant terrarium or wall display is a common thing, so... More

Colorful DIY String Easter Eggs For Decor

These string Easter eggs can become a great decoration or you can use as place cards. Take embroidery floss, water balloons, a balloon pumper-upper and Elmer’s glue. Blow up some balloons with the pumper-upper, because your face will explode if you try to blow these suckers up with your breath. Set up the ingenious drying... More

DIY Macrame Wheat Grass Eggs For Easter

Wanna make a real Easter garden? You’ll need eggs, soil, wheat grass seeds, jute or string. Soak your seeds in water for 8-12 hours. Drain the water and put the seeds in a bowl with plastic wrap over it. Put the bowl next to a south-facing window and rinse the seeds three times a day until they have sprouted. Break the tops... More

14 Alternative DIY Easter Egg Decor Ideas

We all got used to dying Easter eggs in different colors but if you want a change, have a look at these alternative ways to decorate the eggs. Chalkboard paint is ideal as gives an opportunity to leave messages or chalk right on the eggs. Decoupage is not a very easy technique though very original for décor: you can give the... More

How To Decorate Natural Brown Easter Eggs

Don’t want to spend time dying Easter eggs? Tired of all standard egg décor ideas? Well, in case you like natural looks, you’ll love this easy Easter craft! All you need are some brown eggs and a non-toxic white paint pen. Then doodle away. Draw whatever you like – geometric lines and shapes, bunnies, flowers, crosses... More

9 Pretty DIY Easter Home Gardens

A small home garden is a nice ideas for spring when you can’t have a real garden outside because it’s too cold. Terrariums are very trendy at any time, so let’s make some pretty gardens and terrariums for this Easter. How is it better to highlight the holiday making a home garden? A very cool idea is to use egg shells as... More

How To Dye Easter Eggs Using Onion Skins And Leaves

Dying the Easter eggs with natural colorants is a cool and eco-friendly idea, and I’m sure that you have all the ingredients at hand. What about the pattern? If you take natural colorants, let’s make a natural pattern. You’ll need 4 eggs, onion skins, thin stockings, leaves, for example, of parsley and rosemary and... More

DIY Modern Easter Eggs Of Paper Mache

Easter is a rather colorful holiday, we dye eggs in various colors, gather bright spring flowers. But what if you don’t like excessive colors? Modern décor doen’t suppose too many colors, just some stylish combination. So, there’s a great idea for you to make Easter eggs for décor in neutral colors. You’ll need paper... More

Bright DIY Easter Eggs With Different Patterns

How can you make colorful and cool Easter eggs? Below you’ll find several variants with recipes, that are bright, modern and cool. Let’s start with painted eggs. Simply mix 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar with your desired combination of food color drops and paint a chilled hardboiled egg with a paint brush. Striped eggs are... More