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Quick And Easy DIY Something Wicked Garland

If you are getting ready for Halloween and are looking for some cool and easy decorations, you’ll love this idea! Take 4 different patterns of cardstock, jute twine, hot glue & gun. You can download the letter templates here. Print out the downloadable letters on regular copy paper. Then lay the letters over a sheet of... More

9 DIY Thanksgiving Front Door Décor Ideas

Thanksgiving is a very cozy holiday, and décor should be corresponding. Today we’ll talk about front door décor – on of the most important places to decorate and one of the easiest ones! You don’t need much to decorate it well, just a wreath, a garland and maybe some luminaries. Make a cool distressed sign or just use... More

17 DIY Halloween Front Door Decorations

Have you already thought of Halloween décor? Outdoors is what you should start from because your guests will first see your garden, porch and front door. We’ve already told you of some porch décor ideas, now let’s look at the door itself. The easiest way to bring a festive mood is to hang a Halloween wreath or a frame and... More

8 DIY Radiator Covers That You Can Easily Make

Not every radiator looks cool and stylish and if you don’t like how yours look, this roundup is for you. You can make a pretty cover for your radiator that can not only hide the ugly piece but also become an additional storage space. The traditional materials are MDF or thick cardboard or any other material you like – but... More

Simple And Spooky DIY Bones For Halloween Decor

It’s getting a little spooky around here! Halloween is in just three weeks and this is the prefect time to start incorporating some small decorations around the house. If you’ve ever wanted to do just a bit of Halloween decorating but in a classy, subtle way, this is your project! To make this cute and easy decoration... More

Rustic Fall: DIY Macrame Hanging Pumpkins

This craft will be useful both for Halloween and Thanksgiving décor – or just as a fall decoration. The supplies are a pumpkin, 7m rope, a hook, a ring. Cut the rope into four equal lengths and fold all of them in half together. Push them through your ring at the halfway point then thread the ends through the loop in the... More

7 Cool And Very Easy DIY Banister Makeovers

Most of stairs have a banister and if you are just going to make or renovate one, this article is for you! Making a banister is nothing difficult: you’ll need just some symmetrical wood pieces in the shape and size you like. Now for decorating and renovating! If you are renovating your banister, don’t forget to remove the... More

Quick And Simple DIY Halloween Bunting

We need more and more Halloween decorations! A bunting is an easy and cool idea, let’s make one! The supplies are construction paper in whatever colors you desire, a rick rack, alphabet stickers, small clothes pins, scissors, a paper cutter, a cutting mat, a straight edge. 1. Cut 3.5 inch by 2 inch rectangles with your paper... More

Easy DIY Halloween Glassware Decals

Getting ready for a Halloween party? We’ve got a great idea for you! You can turn any glass or cup with the help of these easy decals! You’ll need scissors, black widow cling design of your choice, any glassware you like. To make the clings, cut out triangles and scary burst or zipper shapes from the window clings designs... More

10 DIY Creative And Fun Stair Runners For Any Home

Stair runners are very helpful in every home as if they are fabric, then it can prevent you from slipping. If your staircase looks a bit worn, then it can mask all the disadvantages. And whichever runner you choose, it’s a great décor element that helps to make an accent! So, a traditional idea is a carpet or fabric runner.... More