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DIY Hugs, Kisses And Donuts Valentine Garland

This Valentine garland from Nalleshouse blog just can’t be cuter! You’ll need cardstock in various colors including a light brown for the donut, two round objects or a compass to draw circles, tape, twine, scissors and glue. Trace a large circle onto the light brown card stock and cut it out. Trace a small circle in the... More

12 DIY Patchwork Pillows That Are Easy to Make

Patchwork pieces are amazingly cheerful, vivacious and bring that warm country chic touch, which makes any space cozier. If you have a pack of various fabrics or just old clothes, you can easily turn them into a cool cushion or pillow cover. Take a sewing machine and sew the fabric pieces together – and you’ll get a lively... More

DIY Wooden Heart And String Valentine’s Day Art

We’ve already told of Valentine’s Day art pieces, and here’s one more great idea that Lizmarie blog shared with us. You’ll need a wooden heart, white and grey paint, pins and pink string. Paint the wooden heart white. After the white dries, stencil your initials in gray shimmer. After you do the stenciling, hammer push... More

Super Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Garland

Valentine’s Day is coming, it’s so close! I’m sure that you’ve already begun preparing for it, making decorations and buying gifts. I’d like to share a cute and easy idea of a Valentine’s Day garland, and you’ll need just sweet little heart bags and red yarn. Lay out the yarn to the length you want the garland and... More

5 DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Backsplashes to Make

Painting with chalkboard is an awesome way to give your space some interactivity and functionality in a way. Chalkboard paint is rather cheap, and you can even make your own one, plus such a surface is easy to clean or repaint – that’s ideal for such a space as kitchen where you constantly cook. We’ve prepared a small... More

DIY LED Light Arrow For Home Decor

Dark days make us want extra warmth and light. This light arrow will give you necessary light and your interior – a cool twist. You’ll need a pattern, board / MDF / plywood, a jigsaw, a drill, LED lights, cardboard and a staple gun. Begin by tracing the pattern on the wood. Cut it out with the jigsaw and measure the... More

DIY Sliced Birch Branch Placemat

We’ve just told you of cool spring placemats for special occasions and not only, and here’s one more idea that wasn’t included in the list. To make these birch placemats you’ll need birch or other type of tree branch, a miter saw or small handsaw, a ruler, burlap, 1 yard, scissors and hot glue. Use the miter or handsaw... More

27 Creative DIY Garden Markers From Different Materials

There’s a month left before spring but still I’m sure that you, utter gardeners, have already prepared seeds. Soon you’ll get cool seedlings and then you’ll plant them in your garden as soon as it gets warmer. The problem is that you might forget where and what you planted but we have an awesome solution – garden... More

DIY Gold Leaf Heart For Valentine’s Day Decor

If your home isn’t ready for Valentine’s Day, make this cool gold leaf heart and you’ll feel the mood! The supplies are a wooden heart, paint and a gold leaf kit. The first step is simply to paint the heart. Make sure the paint dries completely before applying the gold leaf. Next, apply the gold leaf adhesive. Follow the... More

Spring Feel In Your Home: 8 DIY Wall Décor Ideas

This is the last month of winter, and then we’ll dip into adorable and sunny spring! I’m looking forward to it and decided to find some cool ideas to bring a spring wave to my home. Let’s get started with wall décor! Floral wall art? Yes, please! You can easily make paper flowers or buy ready ones and design a wall art... More