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How To Make Abstract Art With A Paint Scraper

Need a cool statement abstract art? Here’s a way! You’ll need stretched and primed canvas, acrylic paint, a paint roller, a paint scraper. Cover your canvas with your chosen base colour. Once your canvas is completely covered, wait for the paint to dry. Use a paint scraper to start adding coloured strokes to your canvas.... More

DIY Wooden Bottle Stand For Floral Arrangements

This bottle stand can become a perfect decoration for any season, and now you can rock it for fall. You’ll need 10 empty small bottles, 3 wood boards (in size: 25cm / 23cm / 20cm), a hole saw with a diameter of 35mm, fine sandpaper, acrylic paint, wood glue, bar or tape measure, a pencil. Arrange six bottles on the biggest... More

DIY Metallic Glitter Frosted Pumpkins

These cool metallic pumpkins are awesome for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. To make them you’ll need plastic mini pumpkins, acrylic paints, Mod Podge, glitter, metallic spray paint, a foam brush. Spray paint your mini pumpkins and let them dry thoroughly. Using acrylic paints and a foam brush, paint the stem of the pumpkin... More

7 Easy And Cool DIY Kids’ Canopy Tents For Indoors

Everyone needs some cozy nook to relax, read, feel comfortable and enjoy being herself or himself, including your little ones. Make a cool and very easy canopy tent for him or her to keep some privacy! Most of such DIYs are even no sew – no fuss around! Prepare an embroidery hoop or a hula hoop as a base and then some fabric... More

Bold DIY Candy Corn Wall Hanging

Candy corns are awesome for fall and Halloween! Let’s make a garland with them. The supplies are crepe streamers (in orange, yellow, and white), plain white cardstock or heavy weight paper, a ruler, a  pencil, wrinkle-free craft glue, scissors, tape, cotton twine/string. Fold your cardstock into thirds. With your ruler and... More

Quick Fall Craft: DIY Ribbon Pumpkin

Need a cool and fast pumpkin idea? Get ribbon! You’ll need wire ribbon, clear tape, craft/jewelry wire or a twist-tie, a cinnamon stick. Cut four equal sized strips from the ribbon, mine were about 14 inches. You’ll want to leave an additional 1 – 2 inches on the ends to wrap them. The longer the ribbon, the bigger the... More

Eye-Catching DIY Feathered Decoupage Pumpkin

Feathers and so cute and soft! Let’s use them for decorating a pumpkin! Prepare a white pumpkin, real or fake, feathers, mod-podge, a paint brush, a wet paper towel. Apply a small amount of mod podge to the pumpkin’s surface, then push the feather onto the pumpkin with your brush and fingers. Finish it with another couple... More

Let Your Girl Feel A Princess: 5 DIY Canopies For Kids’ Beds

Does you little princess feel not really princess enough? Then make a canopy for her bed to highlight that she’s the cutest and the most girlish! Choose some sheer curtains or just tulle and find a big embroidery hoop; sew and arrange the curtains as you like and attach them to the hoop; there are also no sew projects for... More

DIY Blue Cinderella Butterfly Pumpkin

Wanna create a super cool pumpkin like no other? The supplies are a craft pumpkin, rustoleum spray paint in Oasis Blue, recollections fine glitter in Peacock blue, Mod Podge, Heidi Swapp Minc 3D Butterflies, assorted cardstock, hot glue. Spray paint your pumpkin with a few even coats of Rustoleum Oasis Blue. Once it’s... More

Quick DIY Fall Wreath From The Dollar Store

We’ve shared a lot of fall wreaths tutorials, and here’s one more quick version. The supplies are 10″ grapevine wreath, dollar store faux maple bushes, berries, and branches, a wire cutter tool, real magnolia leaves, a piece of burlap to hang your wreath. Separate the bushes, and cut off each branch so you can nicely... More

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