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Spring-Welcoming Décor: 8 DIY Signs You’ll Love

Signs are stunning for any time! You can easily make them – almost no skills are required; you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Though there’s a month left before spring, it can be already felt even now, so we’ll make spring signs. Take a pallet, a wood slice, just any piece of wood or cardboard and choose the... More

Super Easy DIY Canvas Headboard

This tutorial is perfect for everyone that always wanted a headboard behind their bed, but never had the right tools or skills for it! The supplies are 2 canvas painting boards (the size depends on the size of your bed), fabric, 1 or 2 cheap Ikea blankets, a nailgun & nails. Spread the blankets out on a flat surface. place... More

DIY No Sew Braided Jersey Tops Rug

Remember that cool T-shirt mat that we’ve told you about? Today we are sharing a similar idea thanks to the wonderforest blog. The supplies are a variety of jersey t-shirts and/or tank tops, scissors and a rotary cutter. Cut your t-shirts into 1.5″ strips along the width of the body. This goes much quicker if you have a... More

DIY Heart Pillow For Valentine’s Day

This heart pillow is great for the coming Valentine’s Day, so prepare 2 yards of fabric, cardboard to make a tracer, scissors and a loose pillow filling or cotton balls. Start by making a heart on a large piece of cardboard. You are going to use this as a guideline when drawing your heart on your fabric. Make the cardboard... More

16 Awesome Arrow DIYs For Valentine’s Day

Cupid’s arrows are one of the symbols of Valentine’s Day, no less than hearts and XOXO. That’s why today I’ve rounded up some cool arrow ideas that will help you to make your Valentine’s Day even cuter. A gilded arrow is ideal for mantel or wall décor, not too girlish and very elegant. Bamboo skewers can be turned... More

Colorful DIY Old T-Shirt Doormat

A doormat is a necessary thing for every home, and today we’ll turn a couple of your old t-shirts into one. The supplies a flat doormat, 5-8 old t-shirts, scissors, hot glue and hot glue gun. Starting from the bottom hem, cut your t-shirts into 2 inch strips. Then cut each one of these strips into 4-5 inch pieces. Tie a knot... More

Fun DIY Key Holder With Wooden Beams

If you have a problem of disappearing of keys every time, you need a key holder, and here’s a good idea! The supplies are a square wooden bar, 5 natural wooden beads of different sizes, 5 black wooden beads, cord, 5 key rings, some white acrylic paint, fine sandpaper, scissors, brushes, a ruler, a lighter, a miter saw and... More

8 DIY Valentine Signs For Outdoor And Indoor Décor

A sign is such an amazing decoration! Budget-friendly, simple, cute and suitable for all the spaces and for outdoors. Let’s make a sign for the coming Valentine’s Day. Grab a couple of pallets (or any other recycled wood) and let’s get started! You can paint it white, pink or red or any color you prefer, and then add some... More

11 Pretty Valentine’s Day Candleholders And Votives

Candles create really a special atmosphere absolutely everywhere, and they are especially important for Valentine’s Day as there’s no romance without candles. You can take a couple of candles and romantic candleholders to make a cool centerpiece or a just decorate your home. Hearts are very actual for romantic décor, so... More

Creative And Easy DIY Beeswax Candles

Beeswax sheets make a great alternative to your standard jar candle and the honeycomb pattern is so pretty! These would make a lovely handmade gift for friends or neighbors. You could also make them into several sizes and decorate your dinner table with taper candles. To make them you’ll need beeswax sheets, cotton wick,... More