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DIY Tillandsia Garden Of A Big Terra Cotta Star Ball

This home garden is based on a big terra cotta star ball, which is actually meant to have a light inside. If can’t find any, take a lantern with cutouts or a bird cage. Start by arranging the top, which is a melody of air plants, and work your way down.  It’s a matter of what looks pleasing and somewhat balanced to your... More

DIY Custom Cork Board IKEA Hack

Do you like to keep everything organized? Then this craft is for you! You’ll need cork rounds from IKEA, acrylic paint, a paint brush, a hammer and 6 small nails. Start by applying the acrylic, brush from the center to the outside. Choose you finish; to make your edges pop, add a dash of gold paint to them. You can attach the... More

10 Simple And Cute DIY Entryway Doormats

A doormat is a necessary thing for every home not to take much dirt home. But you can also continue your home décor or make an accent with it making it of the materials you like and with patterns you prefer. So, what are the variants? You can make a geometric, polka dot mat using fabric paints and a simple mat. A space... More

8 Awesome DIY Spring Garlands Of Different Materials

Making a spring garland is a nice way to bring a piece of spring into your home décor. Paper garlands are the most common and popular ones as they don’t cost a lot and are easy to make. Burlap buntings with letters or with some pattern (like flowers or bunnies) are awesome and give a rustic touch. Letter garlands have been a... More

7 DIY Wall Art Collages For Décor

Collage is a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. A collage may sometimes include newspaper clippings, ribbons, bits of colored or handmade papers, portions of other artwork or texts, photographs and other... More

DIY Moss Covered Easter Eggs

Easter is rather far still though some of us have already begun to look for good décor ideas to surprise the closest ones. So, why not check these moss covered eggs? The supplies are moss, a hot glue gun, p plastic decorating eggs, twine, buttons and scissors. First, tear off some little pieces of the moss. We will be gluing... More

Colorful DIY Accent Wall Collage

An accent wall in a bedroom is a hot trend but how is it better to make it? Just painting or using a pattern? What would you say to a collage accent wall? To make one, you’ll need some craft paper, white glue diluted in water. The pieces of paper were cut in 4 parts to create a beautiful patchwork affect and to make applying... More

Retro DIY Framed Fabric Speakers

This craft is for those who like to mix incongruous things – like modern speakers and vintage frames and fabric. You’ll need an old set of speakers, a few old frames, a drill, fabric you like, a spray adhesive and white paint. After measuring the frames, create boxes to hold the speakers and then go to destructing the... More

DIY Embroidered Polka Dots Wall Art

Continuing the theme of wall art pieces, we’d like to tell you how to make embroidered polka dots on canvas. The supplies are square stretched canvas, acrylic paint, a paint brush and a roller, gold spray paint, cotton yarn, a large sewing needle, embroidery floss in colors of your choice, scotch tape, a ruler, a pen. Coat... More

8 Cool DIY Wreaths And Buntings For St.Patrick’s Day

St.Patrick’s Day is very close and it’s time to make some cool decorations for that day in case you haven’t made any. Wreaths, garlands and buntings are the easiest decorations to make, so let’s get started! A canvas bunting is easy to make with colorful markers – what a cool rustic bunting you have! A paper bunting... More