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Colorful DIY Macrame Yarn Garland For Party Decor

The best thing about this project is how it adds a lot of color and interest without needing tons of time or materials, if you want to add some color, get inspired! You’ll need chunky yarn in similar thicknesses in a variety of colors, scissors, washi tape or push pins. Cut one length of yarn for your base as long as... More

DIY Cardboard And Thread Letters For Home Decor

Letters and quotes are always great and trendy for home décor, and today we’ll make a special decoration with copper-colored thread that LookWhatIMade blog had shared with us. You’ll need yarn in different colors, a cutter, cardboard, paper. Draft on the computer the word you would like to make. If you’re happy with how... More

Eye-Catching DIY 3D Origami Wall Art

Do you like origami? I do because such pieces look very eye-catching, so if you like it, too, let’s make a cool 3D origami wall art that GatheringBeauty Blog had shared. The supplies are paper, 120 10 x 10cm squares, scissors, Pva or Elmer’s Glue, a paintbrush, some tape, a mounting board or a frame. Take your square... More

Easy DIY Wood Burned Photo Frames

If you have a couple of photo frames and want to get something original, there’s a way! Prepare natural wood frames, a wood burning tool, pliers, a metal ruler and a pencil. To create a polka-dot effect, use the standard round attachment that comes with your wood burning kit. You can freehand your design or draw out a pattern... More

Industrial Decor Idea: DIY Faucet Wall Hooks

Industrial décor is gaining popularity and these creative hooks are a perfect way to follow trends! You’ll need pressboard blocks, some faucet handles, bolts and nuts, a little bit of charcoal grey craft paint around the raised edges. You can paint a bit of a diamond shape just for some visual interest, then sand them down... More

DIY Crochet Radish Egg Cozies For Easter

Easter is not so far as you think and it’s time to make some Easter-inspired crafts. What about a couple of cute egg cozies? A crochet radish egg cup cozy is a great and super fun idea – not only for Easter but also for the whole spring. A single piece is made up of the radish cozy cone and 3 leaves. If you like crocheting,... More

DIY Rustic State Map Wall Art From A Broken Pallet

We’ve told you a lot about various state map decorations, and today we’ll make it from a wood pallet.  Disassemble the pallet – busting up a pallet is no small undertaking. They are made from durable nails, and are built strong enough to take a beating. To maximize the useable wood, go slow when pulling out the nails... More

Turn Your Fridge Into A Gallery: 10 DIY Photo Magnets Tutorials

We all have a fridge at home and many of us have magnet backboards, especially those who have kids. Photo magnets is an awesome and very modern idea to turn your fridge or board into a real photo gallery! They’ll remind you of your last vacation, a day on the beach or your wedding, or something else no less precious to your... More

DIY Cutting Board Wall Art For Kitchen Decor

Cutting boards are the most natural thing in the kitchen, so why not turn the old ones into a cool wall art? The supplies are wood cutting boards, wood letters from the craft store, paint, glue, jute twine and stain. Let’s start from distressing the boards: cut over and over in different places, and you can also beat up a... More

DIY Mint And Gold Foil Placemat

We’ve already told you about cool and creative placemats, and here’s one more project that Delineateyourdwelling blog had shared with us. The supplies are a burlap placemat, gold leaf, 18 sheet pack, metal leaf adhesive, wine cork, green acrylic paint and a sponge brush. Start by painting a basic rectangle shape with your... More