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9 Cool DIY Summer Party Centerpieces

Every table needs a centerpiece, no matter what the occasion is. If you are planning a cool summer party and don’t know how to decorate the table, this article is for you! The easiest idea is to take a bowl and put fresh fruit with flowers in it – simple, fast and delicious! Another idea is a traditional floral centerpiece,... More

16 Awesome Confetti DIYs For Summer Parties

Confetti are amazing for parties or celebrations, they create that festive mood without any efforts, so you can realize some cool crafts for decorating your party and have fun with your guests! Start making confetti invitations to invite them; prep confetti gift tags and warps for the presents. Now think about party décor: a... More

12 DIY Summer Party Garlands

We’ve just told you of party banners and backgrounds, and today it’s all about garlands – the easiest and the most popular way of decorating any event. As it’s summer, you can just gather fresh flowers and make a garland of them. Got lots of colorful napkins? Make an easy garland of them! Ice-cream and pizza garlands... More

Cute DIY Instagram Polaroid Blocks

Instagram is so popular today – there are thousands of photos posted! If you like this application and want to use it also in your home décor, this craft is for you! Let’s make these Instagram Polaroid blocks. The first thing you’ll want to do is decide which pictures you’d like to display and how many. Either get your... More

11 DIY Summer Party Banners And Backgrounds

Your party is coming soon, and nothing is ready? Start from making simple decorations as they are very important to create that party mood! What would you say to a fruit balloons garland? A great idea for a summer party, isn’t it? Hanging colorful doilies is a great idea for a retro o vintage party. A confetti backdrop is a... More

Quick DIY Rattan Basket Makeover

If you have a rattan basket, you can decorate it so that it would become eye-catching and cool for décor! You’ll need a basket, white and yellow acrylic paints, a brush. Wash your basket with soapy water (dish detergent used and hot water); leave it to dry. Dilute the with a little water, and using a wide paintbrush apply... More

6 Colorful DIY Summer Party Wreaths

A wreath is a very easy décor piece, everyone can make it! If you have an outdoor summer party, why not use wreaths and garlands to decorate around? What’s a great summer party outdoors? A picnic! Make a fun and bright picnic wreath using plastic tableware and a ketchup bottle. There’s no party without cocktails, so you... More

Pretty DIY Radiator Cover To Make

We all have radiators at home but now we don’t use them as it’s warm. Perhaps your radiator spoils the room interior, so what can you do to avoid that? Let’s hide it making a radiator cover! You’ll need MDF, aluminum sheeting, a jigsaw, a trim molding, a miter saw, Elmer’s ProBond Advanced, wood glue, a wood filler,... More

How To Decorate Party Glassware: 14 DIYs

Summer is party time! To make your party original you’ll need cool decorations, delicious food and unique tableware to impress the guests and bring some fun. What about glassware? You won’t do without cool decorated glasses! Depending on what drink you are going to serve, there will be various glasses and different ways to... More

DIY Floral Wall Sconce For Spring And Summer Decor

This decoration is ideal for spring or summer décor, you’ll need wood pennant flags, white craft chicken wire netting, wired sisal vine, E-6000 glue, clothes pins, a preserved moss sheet. Using the pennant flag as a template, cut a triangle shape from the chicken wire. You’re going to want the wire to be slightly wider... More