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Winter Coziness: 11 DIY Knit And Sweater Pillows

Knit pieces are ideal for cold seasons as they bring warmth, coziness and comfort when it’s so nasty outside. That’s why I’d like to share some cool knit pillows tutorials that will make your space very comfy. If you like to knit, just take the needles and some yarn to create your little cozy piece of the size and pattern... More

8 Awesome DIY Candles And Candleholders For Winter

Candles are an indispensable part of fall and winter décor as it’s cold outside and it’s so cozy to stay inside with any kind of fire – from candles to fireplaces. Today I’ve rounded up some cool winter candles and candleholders that will not only create a cozy atmosphere but also finish your winter home décor.... More

12 DIY Eucalyptus And Magnolia Holidays Decorations

If you are tired of traditional fir branches, pinecones, cranberries and all that stuff, and want some fresh take on Christmas décor, this roundup is for you! We’ve decided to offer you some touches of the southern style for décor: go for eucalyptus and magnolia! These beautiful leaves are just perfect to make a... More

Creative DIY Holiday Wreath Of A Hoop

If you still hasn’t prepared a cool Christmas wreath, it’s time to do that! Pick up some wood letters and a star as well as a wood dowel and a hoop. Measure the dowel to correspond to the inside measurement of the hoop and trim the dowel down into two pieces. Then put everything in the center of the hoop to mark where it... More

17 Creative DIY Last Minute Christmas Decorations

Oh, there are just few days left before Christmas, and if you aren’t ready yet, it’s time to do that! Decorate your home with these easy pieces in just a few minutes! Paper and cardboard decorations are easy to make and very fast, so make some snowflakes, garlands and ornaments of them, you can offer your kids to do that.... More

DIY Clay State Christmas Ornaments

Remember those amazing state crafts we’ve told you about? If you want to somehow remind of the state you are coming from, let’s make this Christmas ornament! You’ll need polymer, an X-acto knife, map outline printouts of the states in 3 x 5, acrylic paints, a brush, a straw, aluminium foil to work on. Roll the clay per... More

DIY Christmas Gingerbread Man Gift Tag

This is a super cute Christmas gift tag for those who like sewing! Let’s start making a tag template with hard board paper. Draw a gingerbread man and a hat on a box paper and then trace them on the felt. Hand stitch the gingerbread man on the linen with quilt batting underneath. Put the other linen on the top and sew by... More

11 Creative And Whimsy DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

A tree topper can help you accentuate your Christmas tree, and highlight your style. We’ve rounded up several cool Christmas tree toppers that you can make yourself, according to your skills and taste. Glitter and sparkling tree toppers will make your tree just charming and vintage-looking, just take some pipe cleaners or use... More

DIY Woven Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Not enough space for a big Christmas tree? Make a space-saving alternative! For this whimsy tree you’ll need a weaving loom, a plastic needle, yarn, basic string, scissors. Start off by setting up the loom. After you are done setting up your loom began weaving a few rows to hold your tassels into place. Place your tassels... More

Durable And Stylish DIY Gilded Agate Ornaments

Extend the life of your holiday decorations with ornaments you can keep out all year long! Personalize the natural agate slices with phrases, constellations, or tiny sketches. Use them as gift tags or give them away as gifts themselves. You’ll need natural agate slices, a gold paint pen, metallic thread and a constellation... More