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Colorful And Patterned DIY Charger Plates

Colorful and patterned charger plates can easily make your table setting sparkle, so let’s make a couple of these by makingitinthemountains.com. The supplies are wooden plates and acrylic craft paints. The tutorial is pretty easy: armed with some acrylic craft paint, some small craft brushes and some painter’s tape,... More

Stylish DIY Minimal Dreamcatcher For Home Decor

Dreamcatchers are great for home décor, especially in summer but what if it doesn’t fit your minimal or modern interior? Then make a minimal version of it from thelovelydrawer.com! The supplies are 1 x large inner embroidery hoop section, 1 x small inner embroidery hoop section, 2 x white embroidery thread, scissors, a... More

DIY Patterned Cork Boards For Pinning Your Stuff

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, if you need a place to hang some pics and stickers for inspiration, make these cork boards from drawingsunderthetable.blogspot.ca. You’ll need old frames, painter’s tape, a cork roll, scissors, contact cement or other adhesive and spray paint. Take your frame apart and spray paint... More

11 Cool And Easy DIY Deck And Patio Privacy Screens

If you are sitting on your deck or patio and feeling uncomfortable because somebody’s watching you, then a privacy screen is your solution. Just wrap your outdoor space with it and you’ll feel comfy and calm. Interested how to make one? There are various ideas and materials to use for a privacy screen: a trellis, a vertical... More

DIY Knit And Felt Seat Pad From Unspun Wool

Every chair or stool can become cozier and comfier with a soft knit pad, let’s make it with this DIY project from lebenslustiger.com. Take 500gr of un-spun wool roving and knit seat pads with your fingers in stockinette pattern, and of course you can also use large (25mm thick) needles for knitting these. Start by chaining 7... More

DIY Concrete Tealight Holder From An Avocado Shell

Need a cool tealight holder? There’s an original tutorial from adorablest.com! Mix a small batch of white cement, wash sand and water and pour into an avocado half. The strength depends on the amount of water used and also the sand to cement ratio. Use a pit for the tealight ‘holder’ space. Oil both the shell and pit with... More

13 DIY Star, Sun And Cloud-Inspired Baby Mobiles

I’d like to continue yesterday’s theme with mobiles but today’s roundup is all about the sun, stars and clouds – these are the most popular ideas for a nursery mobile. Such a mobile will tell your little one about natural phenomena, rainy, sunny or cloudy weather, and about the beautiful starry sky. The best idea here... More

Quick DIY Washi Tape Wall Art Under $1

It’s time to decorate your blank walls! All you need for this quick DIY from uptodateinteriors.com is washi tape, scissors, a ruler, and a box cutter, this craft won’t cost you much. The first step is to mark where you want your triangles placed. Start from the center of the wall for even placement. Make a mark for the top... More

14 DIY Animal And Bird-Inspired Baby Mobiles

Looking forward to a little miracle in your family? Designing a nursery for your little one? Then you know that a mobile is a necessary thing to keep your baby busy and develop his or her imagination; it also helps the baby to fall asleep. I love the idea of animal and bird mobiles because they are extremely cute and help your... More

Simple DIY Round Wood Mirror Frame

We’ve just told you of some cool driftwood mirrors, and today’s tutorial is also about a mirror – this time a wooden one. The supplies are (1) 14 inch round mirror, (1) 1 x 8 x 8′ board, (1) picture hanger, (4) 2-inch mending plates, (4) ½-inch wood screws to secure the mending plates, (1) 2-inch finish nail to act as... More

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