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Simple DIY Geometric Wooden Pumpkin

The pumpkin season is on, and it will continue for several months more, so a cool pumpkin art is right what you need. To make this one prepare a wooden pumpkin, a ruler with 60° line, a pencil, frog tape, craft paint, a paint brush. Using a pencil, draw horizontal lines across your pumpkin (or whatever you’re triangle-ing).... More

10-minute DIY Marble Art Using Nail Polishes

Marble items are very popular today, and you needn’t any skills to create your own art. Prepare watercolor paper, nail polish, a container and a skewer/toothpick. Fill the container with about one inch deep water and start pouring the first nail color verry close to the surface (if the bottle is the far away from the water... More

10 DIY Faux Vegetables And Fruit Wreaths For Fall

Need an eye-catching and durable wreath for your front door? Go to the shop and get some faux veggies and fruits! Faux pumpkins are the most popular pieces, but you can also buy gourds, pears, apples, squashes, grapes, plums, pomegranates. Take a wreath form and just glue the fruits and veggies to it. To achieve a sugared look... More

11 DIY Wheat Wreaths For Fall And Thanksgiving

Wheat is one of the symbols of harvest, it’s so cool and sun-colored that it will give any space a comfy and cozy look for sure. A wheat wreath is an awesome decoration both for fall and Thanksgiving, and it’s preatty easy to make. Just take a wreath form that you like and attach wheat spikes in some way – glue, secure... More

DIY Reusable Chalkboard Pumpkins For Your Kids

Carving pumpkins is a time-honored Halloween tradition but if you have kids, cutting may be a bit difficult and even dangerous, so you need some kind of non-carving pumkpin project. You can try painting pumkpins but this may be very messy, so this project is a real saving! Go to Michaels and buy pre-painted chalkboard pumpkins... More

DIY Wooden Triangle Wall Decorations With Photos

If you don’t want plain walls or just want to accentuate a corner, we’ve got a cool idea for you! These beautiful wooden triangles are to inspire you thinking of the sea and will give you romantic mood with the moon triangle. Prepare a wooden board, a saw, sandpaper, printed photos, a ruler, a sponge or brush, paint, white... More

13 DIY Fall Candle Centerpieces To Bring Warmth In

Candles are perfect for creating an atmosphere, to turn any space into a cozy and warm one – and that’s what we often lack in the fall. Create a fall centerpiece with candles and make your meal a cozy one! The idea is really simple to realize: just take candleholders of your choice and decorate them with leaves, nuts,... More

DIY Removable Triangle Wall Decals For Trendy Decor

Geometric decor is very popular now, and you can add trendy geo touches to your home for cheap and easily. The supplies are self adhesive black vinyl, a cutting mat, a craft knife, a metal ruler, cardboard. First make a template by measuring an equilateral triangle onto cardboard then cut it out. Roll out the black vinyl and... More

10 Easy DIY Fall Pinecone Wreaths You Need To Try

Pinecones are often considered a symbol of Christmas and winter decor but they are great for fall, too! Pinecones needn’t any decor – or you can just gild them if you like – and they are ready as a material! The tutorial for a pinecone wreath is incredibly simple – take your wreath form and glue or attach the... More

15 DIY Fall Pumpkin Centerpieces For Any Occasion

Pumpkins are really a symbol of the fall, and they are used for fall decor everywhere, from mantels to porches. If you are planning a party or some other occasion, a pumpkin centerpiece is a must, it’ll look awesome and on point. Take a pumpkin and turn it into a vase for fall flowers – it’s the easiest way to do that.... More

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