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How To Customize The Stairs With Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is a useful material that is great for using throughout home, and today we are presenting an idea to use it from abeautifulmess.com – decorating your stairs! Buy five panels from Chasing Paper in order to cover our entire staircase, with some scraps left over. Then hold the wallpaper up to the stair and... More

DIY Paper Star Lights Garland For The 4th Of July

Are you ready for the 4th of July celebration? If you need a creative decoration for your party, here’s cool idea from liagriffith.com! Prepare colorful paper, scissors, a glue gun, lights and white paper. Use scissors and a punch to cut all your pieces. You will need 5 pieces per star. Fold star pieces with top flaps up long... More

DIY White Deer Head For Woodland-Inspired Decor

This plastic deer head with antlers will give rustic or woodland décor to any space but you’ll need to stylize it a bit with this cool tutorial from hawthorneandmain.com. A plastic deer head requires a lot of paint: at least one can of spray paint. There are tons of grooves, holes and crevises that make it hard to get the... More

How To Install Corian Countertops Yourself

Corian is a great material for bathrooms and kitchens, and if you want to install it yourself, this tutorial from tidbits-cami.com will be of use for you. Prepare glue (each color of corian has a corresponding color of glue), a glue gun, glue tips and a sanding and polishing kit. Dry fit a top piece to be sure the cuts are... More

DIY Patriotic Pinwheels For Independence Day

The 4th of July is coming, and it’s time to make some cute decorations and favors. Today we are presenting patriotic pinwheels from polkadotchair.com. The supplies are a square of double-sided cardstock weight paper, a paper straw, 1/8″ hole punch, 1/4″ or larger brad, scissors. Fold your paper in half diagonally. Unfold... More

DIY Summer Burlap Wreath With Succulents

Decorate your front door for summer! Today we are sharing a craft from sisterssuitcaseblog.com with everybody’s love – succulents! To make this wreath prepare an 18″ plain straw wreath, some faux succulents and other greenery, it covered the wreath easily and provided a neutral backdrop for the beautiful succulents. Leave... More

Stylish DIY Live Botanical Artwork

Botanical-inspired crafts are actual all year round: in spring and summer they bring nature inside and in fall and winter they remind you of summer. Get inspired by this botanical artwork from dreamgreendiy.com and let’s realize it! Lay your cut flowers on a white background with their stems meeting at the bottom. After... More

Cheerful And Trendy DIY Watercolor Magnets

Watercolor crafts are extremely popular for home décor, for various events and just everywhere! Let’s follow trends and make these watercolor magnets from lineacross.com. The supplies are podgeable shapes, paper Mod Podge, white cardstock, scissors, watercolors, a flat paintbrush, magnets. Start by cutting pieces of... More

6 Cheerful DIY Neon Signs For Your Interiors

Who said that neon signs are only for bars? Such a sign can become a wonderful touch for almost any interior. You can make a cute neon sign with any quotes, letters or items on it – just figure out what you want! Choose a board and paint, spray paint or stencil it the way you like. Take rope lighting: LED rope lighting costs... More

Colorful And Easy DIY Pompom Rug

If you like those colorful felt ball rugs but they can be pricey, you can make one yourself! Here’s an inexpensive and cute little version using pompoms from hellowonderful.co. Prepare pompoms, a rug mat, a hot glue gun. Cut your rug mat to the size you want. Make sure to lay down paper before placing your mat on top when... More