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Simple And Modern DIY Hanging Mirror

This cool and easy mirror is great as you can hang it anywhere on the wall and it suits almost any interior due to its design. The supplies are 12” round paper mache hat box, 12” round mirror, 1.25” wide leather belt blank, a sample pot of paint that matches your leather, a small hole punch, a drill or leather hole punch,... More

DIY Burberry-Inspired Flower Clutch

Clutches are stylish and I think that every girl has a clutch for every occasion in her life. To make this romantic flower clutch you’ll need a clutch, matching fabric, scissors, a template, a pen, a needle and thread and beads. Trace the fabric using the flowers you cut from the template. The left one is slightly smaller... More

Cool DIY Stained Wooden Tray

A tray is indispensable when you need to wake up your love or kid taking food and some flowers right to the bed! To make this beautiful rustic tray you’ll need Minwax stain, Minwax polyurethane, two 5/16 u-bolts, one – 1″x15″x15″ pine round wood. Before any of the drilling begins, stain the round wood... More

DIY Reusable Snack Bags For Parties And Favors

These reusable snack bags are ideal for a party or to pack foodie wedding favors, so take thread, Velcro, scissors, a pen, a sewing machine, binder clips, sandwich bags, oil cloth and a ruler. Trace outline of sandwich bag on oil cloth for size. Cut out bag pieces from oil cloth. Clip bag pieces together with binder clips to... More

DIY Wire Wrapped Bird Nests Jewelry

This original jewelry connected with bird nests is easy to make, so prepare 22 gauge silver craft wire, 3pc 8mm round bead, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, a side cutter. Cut about 2 feet of craft wire. Make a small loop with your round nose pliers. Using your chain nose pliers to hold onto the wire, begin making a spiral... More

DIY Wood Block Utensil Holder

Utensils and other pieces need organizing, so why not make an easy holder for them? To make one, all you need is a block of wood, a drill and some wood stain. Then drill three holes equal distance apart and stain the whole thing with some wood stain. It would be cute to paint the bottom half a bright color, too. Once the stain... More

Cool DIY Gold Pencil Holder

Organizing your desktop is always important because if you have order on the desktop, you have order in mind – that’s a feng shui principle. Let’s make a cool gold pencil holder, you’ll need random tin cans, containers, glasses and a board; sandpaper, glue and gold spray paint. Sand the board and glue all the... More

Cool DIY Faux Geode Studs

Wanna a pair of cool and stylish studs? Prepare FIMO clay, glass glitter, flare caps, E-600 glue, earring posts and backs. Start by massaging your FIMO clay slightly to soften it up. We want it to adhere to as much of the glitter as possible, so don’t skip this step. Once that’s done, place a small amount of the... More

Beautiful DIY Gold Hexnut Necklace

If you’ve been following us lately, you already know that hexnuts are ideal as jewelry material. And here’s one more beautiful prove! For this cool necklace prepare gold hexnuts, jewelry pliers, E-6000, cord end, a jump ring,  necklace chain and faux rhinestone stickers. Flatten out your cord end. Trim the cord end to the... More

DIY Beer Cozies For Parties Or Barbeques

These funny DIY cozies would be great for a party or a barbeque, so prepare 2 pieces of fabric cut to 4.5″ x 11.5″, 2 pieces of batting also cut to 4.5″ x 11.5″, 1 piece of Insul-Bright cut to 4.5″ x 11.5″, 2 large buttons, 2 pieces of elastic cut to about 4″ each and sewing supplies. Make a fabric ‘sandwich’... More