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Easy DIY Ring Dish With A Holder

We’ve just told you of a ring dish, and here’s one more idea – a ring holder, so comfy in using! You’ll need ⅜” wooden dowel, cut to 3″ long, industrial-strength glue, a dipping bowl, gold spray paint, painter’s tape and purple spray paint. Adhere dowel to the center of bowl using industrial-strength... More

Easy DIY Rope Coasters With Neon Touches

Coasters are a fun DIY to make, and there’s a lot of tutorials out there for different types of looks, and they’ll prevent your furniture from wet or high temperatures. Today we’ll make them of rope, so prepare white felt, 1/4″ drawstring cord, neon cord, a large yarn needle, a glue gun, fabric scissors, white... More

DIY XOXO Ring Dish For Valentine’s Day

Polymer clay is a fun material to work with because there are so many things that can be made with it! Let’s make this cool ring dish for Valentine’s Day using clay. The other supplies are Modge Podge and a paintbrush, paper letters, a X-Acto knife. Flatten out the clay, using a rolling pin if necessary. Cut the clay into a... More

Spring Feel For Your Meal: 10 Creative DIY Placemats

Spring isn’t far, and you can already begin crafting something to welcome spring. Today I offer you to choose a DIY placemat to let everyone at the table feel spring. Bright or pastel colors, one-color or patterned – it’s all up to you and your skills. If you are good at crocheting, crochet a cool placemat with spring... More

Natural DIY Cork And Pebbles Trivet

A trivet is always necessary to save your furniture from spoiling, so let’s have a look at this one, that Prettyprudent blog shared with us. It’s really cool and natural-looking due to the pebbles on the top. You’ll need cork trivets, black river pebbles (or any others you got) and E6000® craft adhesive. Glue the pebbles... More

How To Decorate A Day Planner With Leather

The year has begun and everyone has changed their day planners, and if you don’t like your new one, you can easily change it into a cool piece. The supplies are a day planner, used leather coat or purse. Remove the ugly cover from the day planner. Just pull it off of the rings. Lay the cover on your ugly coat.  If you... More

Simple DIY Sweater Throw Pillows

We’ve just told you of sweater pillows to make, and today I’ve decided to share one of the tutorials in detail. Take the torso part of the sweater to create the pillow cover. If possible, use the side seams of the sweater as two of the pillows sides to save yourself some sewing. If you are using a cardigan sweater, you can... More

Fun And Colorful DIY Animal Thread Organizers

If you like crafting or embroidering, then this organizer is right what you need. Prepare multi-colored card, scissors, thread/string and a marker. Cut rectangles from the card, these can be whatever size you prefer. Make a small slit in the side, about 1cm from the bottom of the rectangle. This will serve as an anchor point... More

DIY Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

This project was super easy, didn’t require many tools, and would make a great gift in case you need it. The supplies are heavy-duty leather, snap fasteners, waxed cord, a leather punch, an X-Acto knife, a metal ruler, a setter tool or snaptool and a hammer. Cut out two rectangular pieces of leather, the first being the... More

Easy DIY Candy Cane Coasters For Christmas

These funny candy cane coasters are awesome for holidays and winter on the whole, and they can become a great budget-friendly gift, and such a gift will be perfect not only for grownups but also for kids. The supplies are 2 sheets glittery craft foam (1 white, 1 red), ice cream sticks, craft glue, ribbon. Cut 4 circles from... More