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18 Colorful DIY Fabric Napkin Tutorials For This Summer

Summer is time of bold colors and bright prints! If you are planning a party or a dinner with family and friends, every detail is important – food, table settings, tableware, drinks and even napkins with napkin rings. Make fun bold fabric napkins for your summer party or picnic – enjoy the colors! There are several ideas to... More

Simple DIY Bathtub Tray With Brass Handles

A bathtub tray is a must because it’s so convenient! You can put there a cup of tea, a book, a mobile, a tablet, a scrub or a bowl with some mask or oil, so let’s make one with this tutorial from fiftytwoweekendsofdiy.com. First, measure the edge-to-edge width of the bathtub, then find a piece of wood and a pair of brass... More

DIY Painted Faux Ceramic Drawer Pulls

Remember our roundup dedicated to creative drawer pulls and knobs? This tutorial from makeandfable.com wasn’t on the list, so check it out! You’ll need drawer knobs, white paint/primer, blue gloss paint, metallic paint, brushes, fine sandpaper, a pencil and eraser. Paint the knobs white, using either a basic white acrylic... More

Trendy DIY Metallic Foil Striped Phone Case

Metallic décor is always in trend, so today I’d like to share a tutorial from thesweetestoccasion.com to decorate your phone with metallic stripes. To get started, all you need is a clear phone case and metallic foil washi tape. Give your case a good cleaning with Windex (which helps break down any fingerprints or oils... More

Simple And Quick DIY Splash Proof Phone Case

During the summer we often spend time by the water and if you love jumping into pools, lakes or rivers, then you need to protect your phone from water splashes. This splash proof case from polkadotchair.com is right what you need! The supplies are two 5″ x 8″ pieces of vinyl, 7″ zipper,  bias tape, two 5″ x 8″ pieces... More

DIY Wood Grain Flask For Father’s Day

If you haven’t prepared a gift for the coming Father’s Day, this DIY from almostmakesperfect.com is right what you need. The supplies are stainless steel flask, wood grain contact paper, a paint marker, scissors, an xacto knife. Cut out a piece of your contact paper to fit around the flask. Try to use a smooth piece that... More

15 Stylish DIY Cutting Boards That Are Comfy In Using

A cutting board is a necessary thing in every kitchen because even if you cook not often, cutting vegetables or cheese or even serving food can’t do without a board. That’s why today I’m sharing a roundup of cool boards – thick, thin, colorful and classic, wooden and marble and so on. A thick board is actual and you can... More

DIY Cardboard Squirrel Tablet Stand

I’ve found the easiest tablet stand ever at mywhiteideadiy.com.es, and I’m hurrying to share it with you! This is a cute little squirrel of paperboard – or you can shape it as some other animal. You’ll need just paperboard, scissors, a cutter, a silicone gun and a magazine. Cut the template, draw the template on the... More

Stylish DIY Leather And Wood Card Holder

We’ve just old you of credit card holders, and here’s one of the tutorials in details, it’s from jegssantos.tumblr.com. The supplies are leather, a cutter, needle & thread, a ruler, scissors, sandpaper, an unused pencil, a sharpie or marker. Download the card holder template here and follow the included guidelines.... More

14 Practical DIY Credit And Business Card Holders

We’ve already told you of luggage tags and passport covers but for comfy travelling you’ll also need a credit card holder not to lose them all. So today I’ve rounded up some cool DIYs to keep your cards safe and at hand. Have a look at the size of your cards and their number and decide what size of the card holder... More