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DIY Pottery Barn-Inspired Inscription Doormat

This cool doormat was inspired by a Pottery Barn one but it costs less. Take a blank coir rug and use acrylic paint as it’s permanent so it works well for an outdoor and it’s also a flexible paint, unlike oil paint, so it won’t crack once dry. Use a ruler to mark the middle of the rug and to guide the angle of... More

Cool DIY Stand From Three Porcelain Plates

This pretty stand is amazing for anything you like – from displaying cupcakes and sandwiches at a party to storing your jewelry. To make one you’ll need three plates in different sizes, a porcelain drill, a round stick of wood, thread rod, a screw and a screwdriver, thread, a hacksaw, masking tape, a pen, some water for... More

Bold DIY Hexagon Cork Coasters

Geometric coasters is a trendy and cool thing, to make these ones from aparedeindecisa.com you’ll need a cork sheet, a hexagon mold, a brush, crayon, masking tape, acrylic paint and varnish. Use a template to trace the amount of cork coasters you want. Try to draw hexagons very close together to make better use of the... More

Bold DIY Wood Knob Photo Holders

Need a couple of photo holders for your Instagram photos? You’ll love this tutorial from damasklove.com! Prepare square prints, wood knobs, metallic lustre, Martha Stewart Acrylic Paints, Martha Stewart Stencil Tape, a craft saw, paper towels. Use a craft saw to create a slit in the top of the wooden knob. The slit should be... More

Simple DIY Leather Key Ring To Make

This simple leather key ring from yellowgirl.at will help you to find your keys in the morning. Prepare some leather – faux or natural, scissors, pliers, two eyelets. Cut a piece of leather of the size 4 cm x 10 cm. Make two holes at one end using scissors and folding the leather in two for the holes to be symmetrical. Put... More

Quick To Make DIY Slatted Wooden Trivet

With just a few ½-inch square dowels, some twine and a few nuts, this handy trivet can be pulled together before the dinner bell rings. Using the cut list, cut the square dowels to size using a handsaw or miter saw. Lay the slats side-by-side with their ends aligned. Make a registration mark near one end of each slat. Now mark... More

DIY Geo Leather Luggage Tag Using Nail Polishes

We’ve already told you of luggage tags, and here’s one more idea that wasn’t on the list. Cut your scrap white leather into a tag shape for the back. Then, cut the front into a rectangle and slanted the top for a more interesting look. After you cut the front shape, use painters tape to tape off some areas to paint. Once... More

Comfy DIY Chair Drink Holder For Indoors And Outdoors

Upgrade your chair with this cool drink holder from build-basic.com and store it comfortably. Using the cut list above, cut the pieces to size. On the spacer block, mark the location of the pilot 2-inches and 4¼-inches from the front edge of the board. Clamp all the pieces together so that their front edges set flush. Using a... More

18 Colorful DIY Fabric Napkin Tutorials For This Summer

Summer is time of bold colors and bright prints! If you are planning a party or a dinner with family and friends, every detail is important – food, table settings, tableware, drinks and even napkins with napkin rings. Make fun bold fabric napkins for your summer party or picnic – enjoy the colors! There are several ideas to... More

Simple DIY Bathtub Tray With Brass Handles

A bathtub tray is a must because it’s so convenient! You can put there a cup of tea, a book, a mobile, a tablet, a scrub or a bowl with some mask or oil, so let’s make one with this tutorial from fiftytwoweekendsofdiy.com. First, measure the edge-to-edge width of the bathtub, then find a piece of wood and a pair of brass... More

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