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10 Cool Ideas To Decorate Your Doors With Wallpapers

Probably the last place you’d think of putting wallpaper would be to put it on a door. Although this is a great way to make a boring door to shine. You can use as your favorite wallpaper as some scraps you have from other projects. The idea is to glue on the paper as you would on a wall by using wallpaper glue or by... More

45 Cool Ideas To Decorate Your Ceilings With Stripes

We already showed you how cool could be rooms with walls covered with stripes. Stipes on ceiling could be even more cool although you should be careful with such decor. You should understand how well your room will handle them. Choosing wallpapers with stripes or painting ceiling this way won’t fit any room. That’s... More

25 Cool Ideas To Place Shelves In Niches

A decorative niche with shelves is a brilliant idea! Why? Because it’s, first of all, practical, and second – is beautiful. Such a space solution is easy to make with your own hands, such a construction doesn’t make the space look smaller, and shelves is a great alternative to big furniture pieces for storage. This is... More

37 Cool Hanging Bedside Lamps

Every bedroom feature a bunch of lamps. Usually there are tabletop lamps on bedside tables that are quite practical but looks quite boring. In order to decorate your bedroom in a more original way but save the practicality of bedside lamps you can use hanging lamps. They are perfect for reading and looks very elegant.... More

13 Creative Ideas To Paint Doors Using Stencils

If you find your interior or outdoor doors boring but don’t want to use such solutions as covering them with wallpapers then you can paint them. Although not to simply paint them in one color but in several colors instead. Besides that you can create a quite complex pattern on it using stencils. We’ve gathered for... More

25 Ideas To Decorate Wall Behind Your Headboard With Stripes

If you’ve already made a nice headboard for your bed it’s time to think about the wall behind it. Probably it’s a good idea to leave it plain in order to make your headboard pop. Although if you think it isn’t you can cover this wall with a nice wallpaper or paint it. We’ve gathered for you a bunch... More

21 More Practical Bag Storage Ideas

We’ve already shared with you a bunch of very creative storage ideas for bags. Although we want to share some more because everybody have a bunch of bags at their home that usually aren’t well organized. There are many ways keep them organized including hanging them on doors, creating special compartments for them... More

43 Practical Bathroom Organization Ideas

It isn’t the first time we want to share a bunch of creative bathroom storage ideas with you. This roundup would be useful as for owners of small bathrooms as for those who own quite big bathrooms. You’ll find ways to use every possible bit of space without cluttering your bathroom with cabinets so... More

20 Cool Ideas To Make Your Walls Metallic And Shiny

Shiny metall walls can make any interior looks fancy and cool. Especially great they fit into elegant contemporary interiors but you can combine them with some painted traditional furniture pieces to make any of your room in art-deco style. There are many ways to make your walls metallic and shiny. You can use special... More

31 Idea To Decorate A Brick Wall Behind Your Bed

Brick walls are quite popular in lofts but you can also find them in some houses if owners like industrial-styled interiors. A wall behind a bed is one of those walls that looks amazing if it’s made of exposed bricks. It looks brutally and make a nice accent on your bed and headboard. There are several options to make... More