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9 Simple DIY Easter Wreaths And Garlands

We’ve already told you about some wreaths and garlands you can make for spring but if you want something more specific for Easter, here are some ideas. A peep wreath is a funny idea, duly themed and colorful; your kids would be excited to make a chicken wreath together with you. Plastic eggs can make a funny wreath and if you... More

12 Cool Valentine’s Day Party Crafts

If you are planning not an intimate dinner on Valentine’s Day but a cool party with your friends and boyfriend or girlfriend, here are some ideas for you how to make it special. First, think of house décor – add some heart garlands, rosebud lights and go to the table setting. Paint some tableware with hearts, flowers, add... More

Simple DIY Stenciled Christmas Centerpiece

A Christmas table centerpiece is a very important piece because it gives tone to the whole table setting and to your holiday mood accordingly. You’ll need Martha Stewart Glass Paint, stencils, something to stencil on, squeegee brushes, a place mat, acrylic paint, snowflake stencil, a stenciling paint brush. Take your stencil... More

24 Awesome DIY Christmas Tree Balls To Make Your Tree Unique

A month and a half is left before Christmas and it’s high time to think over your home décor, table design and Christmas tree decorations, of course. Christmas tree is one of the main pieces in your home, your closest people and the guests will pay much attention to it, so you need to make it unique, attracting attention and... More

44 Cozy Winter Mantle Décor Ideas

Winter is coming, and we already see its icy touches, and the most far-seeing of us are already thinking of winter mantle décor. Mantle gives the tone to your living room especially if your family likes to gather near the fire. Decorate it so that everyone would feel comfortable and cozy. A classical variant is some white... More

17 Awesome DIY Halloween Garlands

In case you’re still searching for a cool DIY decor projects for upcoming Halloween celebration we’ve some awesome and easy ideas for you. Garlands could be used in any room or even outdoors and they usually are quite easy to make. Those of them that are made from simple colored paper are the most easy to make. Just... More

How To Arrange A Fall Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom shows your hospitality and attitude to your guests. Change your guestroom according to the season came, make it cozier and softer for your guests to feel comfortable. Some natural materials and autumn colors will be to the point: orange, brown and gold, yellow and berry red, green and brown. Take a bright... More

35 Cool Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Patchwork Walls

Would you like to decorate your walls in a very original way? Do you love bright colors? Do you have a lot of wallpaper or fabric pieces from other projects? If the answer is yes for all of these questions that decorating walls in a patchwork style is exactly what you need. That isn’t as hard as it sounds. We’ve... More

15 Smart DIY Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

Those of you who always search for a way to organize your kitchen better came into the right place. We’ve gathered for you 15 really smart DIY projects that show how you can upgrade your cabinets to make them more practical and useful. These upgrades include making pull-out drawers, in-cabinet wine glass holders, and... More

10 Cool Ideas To Decorate Your Doors With Wallpapers

Probably the last place you’d think of putting wallpaper would be to put it on a door. Although this is a great way to make a boring door to shine. You can use as your favorite wallpaper as some scraps you have from other projects. The idea is to glue on the paper as you would on a wall by using wallpaper glue or by... More

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