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22 Black And White DIY Halloween Project Ideas

Black and white is a classical color scheme for clothes, events and interiors. If you’ve decided to organize a black and white Halloween party, here are some crafts for you! Take some pretty pumpkins and paint them with black or white paint, use black spiderwebs for décor. Spooky black and white wreaths or canvas frames are... More

16 Amazing Bat Crafts For Halloween

Why are bats a symbol of Halloween? Because vampires usually transformed into bats and flew away to look for some victim. That’s why this round up is about bats. Bats are really easy to make of paper or cardboard and you can decorate walls, centerpieces, mantel, windows and all the things you want. Bat wreaths, garlands and a... More

32 Awesome DIY Halloween Home Décor Ideas

In a month we’ll have funny and scary Halloween parties with cool costumes and spooky jokes. We’ve already told you about some costumes to make, jewelry and headpieces to wear, and now it’s time to decorate the house. Some new buntings or garlands? A good idea! Make faux organs, hands, eyeballs, wall art and you can even... More

18 Awesome Vintage Halloween Crafts

Vintage and retro have conquered the world and we love to dress this way and decorate our homes. If you are planning a vintage Halloween party, then you’ll need some decorations, masks and other things of that kind. Have a look at the roundup and choose some crafts for your party. Vintage buntings and garlands are awesome and... More

Cool DIY Aztec Print Decorative Dish

Aztecs was an ancient culture in Mesoamerica that dominated in 14th-16th centuries, and their civilization was very unusual to a modern person: cruel but beautiful. Aztec theme has been popular lately in everything – from clothes to even wedding themes. That’s why we’ve decided to tell you how to make a cook Aztec print... More

DIY Succulent Ball Topiary For Decor Inside And Outside

Succulents love! To make a succulent ball topiary for indoor and outdoor décor you’ll need a 4″ sphagnum moss ball, scissors, succulents and something to hang it. Soak the moss ball and use the scissors to poke holes in the ball and then insert the cuttings with the succulents you have – add them close together until the... More

15 Amazing Fall Leaves Crafts For Your Interiors

Pumpkins, acorns and leaves are a hot trend for any autumn, and you can use them for décor. Be careful with the natural leaves – you should preserve them before using. Fall leaves bowls, lanterns, hundreds of garlands and wreaths are right what you need to feel fall. You needn’t always use natural leaves – you can cut... More

36 Awesome Pumpkin Crafts For Fall Décor

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! What can boo cooler for fall décor? Right, not only for Halloween or Thanksgiving but also for all the other autumn time. Here you have an almost infinite variety of tutorials to decorate a pumpkin for almost any style and colors. Refined liberace pumpkins, decoupage, vintage doily pumpkins and... More

27 Amazing DIY Fall Pieces For Home Décor

The fall is coming and it’s high time to make some cute pieces to decorate your home this fall. First of all, let me remind you that there are no better objects for fall décor than leaves and pumpkins. You can use pumpkins as décor pieces at any place and situation from your mantel to a table setting. But the pumpkins... More

22 Awesome DIY Rustic Headboards

Rustic style is very simple, natural and because of that is getting more and more popular. We’ve already told you of some rustic furniture pieces and crafts for your kitchen, and now we’ll talk about bedrooms and specifically about headboards. A headboard is a thing that can make your bed look original even if it’s very... More

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