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8 Cool Scandinavian DIYs For Your Home Décor

Scandinavian style is extremely popular due to its simplicity, neutral design and flexibility. We’ve gathered a bunch of cool Scandinavian pieces that you can make yourself. A Scandinavian lamp is a good addition to any room – from a bedroom to a kitchen, most of such designs just show the beauty of simple bulbs and cords... More

8 Cool DIY Brass Pieces For Home Décor

Brass is a cool-looking modern material and you can use it for home décor very easily. Take an old brass lamp and revamp it into a new one; make a tray or a furniture piece with brass handles, take a long brass twig to make a cool wall lamp. Find a brass piece at a flea market and turn it into a terrarium – it’s easy, just... More

8 Cool DIY Kitchen Backsplashes

A kitchen backsplash is a thing that every kitchen has but how can you easily design it? There are lots of ways! If you are looking for a rustic kitchen backsplash, make it of wood – of natural wood or just old pallets, that’s cheap and looks great. Wine corks can also comprise a fantastic kitchen backsplash and will give... More

14 DIY Foodie Christmas Ornaments

I think that foodie ornaments look even cozier than usual ones because they mostly smell fantastic. Let’s see what we can make using some products from the kitchen. The easiest and most aromatic way to do that is to dry some apples, oranges or other fruit and hang them as an ornament. For a nice aroma hang also cinnamon... More

16 Exciting Chalkboard Crafts For Christmas

Chalkboard things are amazing, easy to make and in trend! Why not make a cool chalkboard piece for Christmas? An ornament is the first thing that comes to mind, so you can cover a traditional bauble with chalkboard paint or cut a wooden slice and cover it for rustic décor. Continue the festive décor making a tray, wreath or a... More

18 Awesome Crafts For Your New Year Party

New Year is not a family holiday in distinction from Christmas, and we usually go to cool parties. If you’ve decided not to go anywhere this year but invite guests to your place, here are some cool crafts that are necessary for a party. Decorate your home with garlands – confetti, letters, doilies and many other, or with... More

15 Amazing DIY Christmas Centerpieces For Any Taste

Christmas is a cool family holiday, and a beautiful and easy centerpiece is necessary. You needn’t buy anything, let’s make some. An easy variant of a rustic centerpiece is a stump with candles or wooden box filled with pinecones (faux or natural, with some decorations of your choice). Candles are suitable for any... More

19 Awesome And Unusual DIY Advent Calendars

We’ve already told you about advent calendars to make but today we’ve decided to roundup some more because so many cool ideas appeared! We’ve gathered the most original calendars for you, so you’ll enjoying making, counting and sometimes even eating them! Funny robots for each day, delicious cookies, tasty apples,... More

21 Awesome Crocheted DIYs For Cozy Home Décor

Crocheted things are sooooo cozy! In fall and winter crocheted pieces will give your home a sweet and warm look, and that’s very important. If you are good at crocheting, then these DIYs won’t take much time or efforts and will make your home comfy. Start from crocheting cool rugs with different patterns, they are suitable... More

How To Make Marbelized Pumpkins

Marbelized pumpkins are cool for fun and colorful fall décor, for Halloween and Thanksgiving! To make some you’ll need 3 or more bottles of nail polish, a pumpkin, a bucket of water, bamboo skewers or plastic utensils, paper towels. Drop nail polish into water and watch it float to the surface. Just dribble five to ten drops... More

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