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15 Living Room Under Stairs Storage Ideas

A living room is an another place at a house where the staircase could be. In order not to waste any space you can organize a home library under the stairs. Of course you can simply hang a bunch of shelves there and use them as a display for things you bought while traveling. Besides that you can hang a TV there and make... More

25 Moroccan Living Room Decorating Ideas

In order to continue showing you Moroccan style decorating ideas I found you some interesting living rooms designed in this style. These living rooms are designed not by American or European designers but by those designers who live in an atmosphere of Marocco. I hope you’ll find some interesting ideas for your own... More

20 Rustic Living Room Design Ideas

Rustic is a quite popular interior design style that is perfect for those people who like handmade things, natural materials and appreciate sings of time. Rustic interiors usually are quite romantic, charming and of course vintage. Here are some great rustic living room designs that might provide some inspiration for you. p.s.... More

25 Simple Living Room Storage Ideas

There isn’t anything hard about living room storage nowadays. There are so many options that you only need to chose one you like more than others. A lot of different shelving systems, modular furniture solutions, tables with shelves, room separators with shelves, sofas with built-in storage, stand-alone racks are... More

15 Retro Living Room Design Inspirations

Retro is a term referring to the past but when it comes to interior design that usually mean other things too. In interior design retro look is usually a mix of 1970s and futuristic elements. If your interior looks quite classic and traditional you can add retro feel to it with modern and even futuristic looking furniture. In... More

Warm And Very Cozy Living Room Design

The main color of this living room is red. It is supported by various shades of brown. Both colors are warm so the room is very cozy and comfy. Although not only colors are responsible for comfort of staying in it. The designer tried to use the potential of materials, furniture and accessories as much as possible. Everything in... More

Living Room Design Full Of Contrasts

Here is a very creative living room design based on different contrasts. The first contrast is based on two main colors – cool blue and warm sand. Neutral white and gray accompany them. Although that isn’t all. Almost a mirror-like surface of the glossy ceramic floor coexist with a very soft carpet. The lower parts... More

Comfy Eggplant Living Room Design

Those of you who like the color of the eggplant skin would definitely like the design of this living room. Dark purple is the main color here. The room is very comfortable and seems to be separated from the whole world. Its interior is truly refined. Different shades of milk chocolate and antique gold looks great in addition to... More

Minimalist Home Office In A Living Room

Creative furniture is a thing that make combined rooms works. Here is a room that has two zones – a living area and a home office. Both zones have a minimal amount of necessary furniture. A coffee table and a couch were placed in the living zone while a creative shelving system painted in a vivid color end up at the home... More

Thoughtful Room Design That Combines Four Rooms In One

Here is a smart living room design that made this room serves as a home office and a lounge area too. That was achieved thanks to thoughtful custom-made furniture. Two high and deep cupboards were installed on some distance from each other and connected by a a shelf suitable for placing books, papers and other work related... More

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