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51 Cool Storage Idea For A Home Office

Those of us who have a home office sometimes struggle with lack of storage space there. This is the problem that we will try to make to go away today. For that we’ve gathered a large collection of home office storage ideas that will help you choose an optimal solution for yourself. The collection includes photos of... More

20 Traditional And Vintage Home Office Design Ideas

Do you like objects designed a while back? If so then your home office should show your tastes. We gathered a collection of home office design ideas that feature traditional or vintage furniture and objects of decor. Some of them looks retro while some other classy. Depending on your taste you can create an inspiring... More

21 Cool Attic Home Office Design Ideas

Many people convert their attics into cool bedrooms. Others save the space for bathrooms. Although I think that attics are perfect for home offices. The attic space is usually small but enough for a fully functional home office. The view there is usually better than from other rooms. Although the most important thing is that... More

Bright Home Office Design With Red Accents

In order to make this home office looks airy walls were painted white. Additional lights were also installed to make this space bright during evenings as it’s bright during days. The owner likes the urban style so red accents were added to the room. The basic furniture including a compact desk and a shelving unit that... More

Bright Orange Home Office Design

Here is an interesting example showing how you can design a bright working space at your home even if all windows in a room are facing north. Orange is the main color here. Walls are painted in soft orange while accents are very bright. Simple white furniture is arranged to use daylight as much as possible. A mobile shelving... More

30 Scandinavian-Inspired Ideas For Compact Home Offices

We all know how practical Scandinavian people are. Their living spaces are usually also very functional even if they are small. They use a lot of creative solutions in all rooms. Besides almost every Scandinavian family has a computer and a laptop so they all require comfortable places to work and to surf internet. So their... More

Minimalist Home Office In A Living Room

Creative furniture is a thing that make combined rooms works. Here is a room that has two zones – a living area and a home office. Both zones have a minimal amount of necessary furniture. A coffee table and a couch were placed in the living zone while a creative shelving system painted in a vivid color end up at the home... More

Thoughtful Room Design That Combines Four Rooms In One

Here is a smart living room design that made this room serves as a home office and a lounge area too. That was achieved thanks to thoughtful custom-made furniture. Two high and deep cupboards were installed on some distance from each other and connected by a a shelf suitable for placing books, papers and other work related... More

A Smart Home Office That Transforms Into A Living Room

Combining a home office and a living room is a smart solution for small spaces. Sometimes you can say for sure that a room serves both of these purposes but here is a very and original solution for such combination. The room is a simple living area but after some actions it becomes a fully functional home office. The working... More

Thoughtful And Stylish Home Office Design

Here is an example how thoughtful and stylish a home office can be designed. It features not only a standard furnishing for home offices but also a spacious wardrobe that provides a lot of space for storage. A working desk is located in one of its sections and thanks to that the whole room’s look is very harmonious.... More

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