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10 Awesome Easter Baskets Of Fabric Or Threads

Continuing the theme of Easter décor, we’d like to tell you about fabric Easter baskets for eggs, chocolate bunnies and other pieces. You can’t even imagine how different these baskets may be! From just folding fabric to transforming a doily into a basket! If you are good at crocheting or knitting, then you can easily use... More

17 Awesome DIY Halloween Garlands

In case you’re still searching for a cool DIY decor projects for upcoming Halloween celebration we’ve some awesome and easy ideas for you. Garlands could be used in any room or even outdoors and they usually are quite easy to make. Those of them that are made from simple colored paper are the most easy to make. Just... More

5 Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Canvases

Valentine's Day Canvas Art

In case you’ve already done some Valentine’s Day crafts we showed you here are some more interesting projects for you. They includes absolutely beautiful canvases that can be placed on your mantel or hanged on some of your walls. There is even one that will glow and create a perfect mood for a Valentine’s Day... More

5 Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Candles

Candles are the best things to set the mood for Valentine’s Day dinner. You can make a beautiful centerpiece with them or make a bunch of handmade candles to decorate you home for this season. Here are some tutorials to help you make such... More

5 Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Trees

Valentine’s Day tree is an another thing that you can already make to dress up your home before this awesome holiday. Such tree could find its place on one of your side tables, on your mantel or even on your dinner table. You can make it from a pink Christmas tree from sale, branches, wood scraps and some other stuff.... More

10 Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths

If you miss Christmas decor you can start to decorate your home for Valentine’s day. The front door is a good place to start. Make a wreath to hang on it. There are plenty of cool ways to do that but we gathered only the most cool ones. By the way, some of these wreaths are also perfect to hang somewhere inside of your... More

15 Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Garlands

If you’re one of those people that keeps Christmas decorations as long as possible then in order to take them all down you can make some Valentine’s Day decorations. They will add some fun color to your space in this cold time of winter and help you to forget you about the Holiday season. Here are a bunch of cool... More

5 DIY Wooden Tabletop Christmas Trees

One more cool and cheap way to make a tabletop Christmas tree is to use some wood. You can use 2×4 planks, wood scraps, driftwood, wood chips and some other stuff for that. Wooden Christmas tree is much more cool and natural than the tree made of cardboard, paper or felt. It has some downsides but I recommend to make one... More

5 DIY Felt Tabletop Christmas Trees

Making tabletop Christmas trees of felt is good way to go if you want to get more cozy objects of holiday decor than those that made of cardboard or paper. These cute little trees are perfect for small flats but would work well in big living spaces too. You can use as store bought felt as some of your old sweaters for such... More

10 DIY Paper Tabletop Christmas Trees

If you’re searching for even more simple way to make tabletop Christmas trees than to make them from cardboard, simple paper could work for you. It’s easy to cut and provide even more possibilities to design a beautiful little Christmas tree. You can use craft paper, old books and almost any other types of paper you... More

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