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15 Hallway Under Stairs Storage Ideas

We aren’t strangers to using space under stairs. We’ve showed you a bunch of ideas some time ago but now we want to show them for different parts of the house. Lets start with a hallway. The most logical solution is to create an under stairs wardrobe there. It’d be perfect for seasonal clothing and footwear.... More

75 Hallway Mirror Ideas

A hallway is usually a first room visitors see. Besides, it usually have a lot of functions. There should be some storage for coats, shoes and of corse there should be a mirror. Everybody wants to check out how they look before going out. There are many ways to install a mirror or a bunch of mirrors in a hallway. Any mirror can... More

55 Mudroom And Hallway Storage Ideas

Every house have some kind of a mudroom or a hallway. It usually don’t get much attention when you decorating your house. We gathered for you some good hallway design ideas before but if you’re a practical man then you might think about organizing a thoughtful storage there. Here are some great mudroom and hallway... More

Minimalist Yet Creative Hallway Design Inspiration

Sometimes an only one thing can become a starting point in designing the interior of a room. A decorative pillow has become such point for this hallway. The picture on it was copied to cabinet facades. There isn’t a lot of furniture in this hallway. Although there is enough storage space in two open cabinets. Floors are... More

Retro Hallway Design Inspiration

The main theme of the design of this hallway is the bright aesthetics of 1950-60-ies. It’s designed for lovers of really good old movies. The main color theme is black and white with red accents. A part of the flor near the front door is covered with granite. This material is perfect because it doesn’t afraid of... More

Country Styled Hallway In A Urban Living Space

A hallway is the first thing that people see when the come to an apartment. It shows what kind of person is living there. That’s why you should pay some attention to its look. Besides it also should be comfortable for you and combining these two things might be a challenge. Here is an interesting example how country style... More

Minimalist Yet Lovely Hallway Design Inspiration

We usually reefer to hallways as welcoming parts of our homes. That’s why it’s really important to make them looks great. Here is an example of hallway design that might provide you with some inspiration for designing your own welcoming part of your home in a minimalist yet lovely style. There isn’t much decor... More

Decorating Hallway in French Romantic Style

If you ever wanted to decorate your hallway with the French romantic theme here is a nice example of how to do that. The stylized wallpaper in two colors with a neat pattern is the most important element here. Cherries and greenery on the white background looks great. White furniture and rugs are also important. Free-standing... More

Spring Inspired Hallway Design Inspiration

This hallway is inspired by nature itself, especially by fresh spring green tones. The main color is repeated in different shades on different surfaces. The combination of modern white shelves and vintage table make the hallway’s look very interesting. Besides they provide some storage space. Storage wall rack and wall... More

Harmonic Hallway Design Inspiration

Hallway designs could be very boring. Although this long hallway is very harmonic and everything but trivial and boring. Bleached oak furniture has almost identical color to walls and seems to be part of them. Besides there is a lot of small color accents: a Japanese-styled poster, a pair of pads, a pillow on a bench, a chest,... More

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