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37 Ideas To Use Mixed Dining Chairs In Dining Rooms

It seems that mixed chairs by the dining table is a new trend. I’m seeing a lot of examples showing that lately. I think it’s a quite cool trend because you can easily create unique accents at your dining area. If your interior is neutral and you’re bored with it a bunch of mixed chairs can change that. You... More

How To Bright Up Your Dining Room – 35 Cool Ideas

The best way to make your dining room more bright, cool and fun is to add some bright colors to it. There are several ways to do that. First 10 examples show how to do that by making walls bright. The next 10 examples show how to do that using colorful chairs. The last 15 examples show how to do that with different details like... More

Thoughtful Room Design That Combines Four Rooms In One

Here is a smart living room design that made this room serves as a home office and a lounge area too. That was achieved thanks to thoughtful custom-made furniture. Two high and deep cupboards were installed on some distance from each other and connected by a a shelf suitable for placing books, papers and other work related... More

Simple Zoning Of A Modern Living and Dining Areas Combination

As we said earlier, living and dining room combinations are quite popular nowadays. They are especially practical for modern urban apartments and houses where space is at a premium. In this room dining and living areas are separated but a small buy roomy cabinet. You can use as a deep cabinet to get a one-side storage as a two... More

Creative Combo Of A Living And Dining Rooms

The idea of combining living and dining areas has a lot of fans. That is the only way to live in comfort if you have a tiny kitchen plus such combination looks quite good. Here is a very interesting and creative combo of these areas. It requires a transformable table and several stacking chairs hidden in a closet. The table can... More

How To Combine Dining And Living Rooms

Combining dining and living rooms is quite popular nowadays because not many of us have enough space for a separate dining room. Here is a nice example of how you can do that on 25 square meters. A stylish, eye-catching room divider made of cardboard was used here to separate the dining area from the entertainment zone. Thanks... More

10 Modern Dining Area Design Ideas

Modern Dining Room Designs

Well-designed dining area could easily make dining better. Design such area in a modern style isn’t very hard thing to do nowadays. The dining area is all about a dining table and chairs so you definitely need modern ones. There are plenty beautiful sets out there so it won’t be hard to chose one. Surroundings are... More

20 Dining Area Decorating Ideas

There are two types of dinning areas nowadays. The first one is a separate dining room can be used as on a daily bases as on special occasions like friends and family dinners. The second one is when the dining area is part of a living room or a kitchen. Even though the second way isn’t as good as the first one by why not... More

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