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22 Awesome DIY Rustic Headboards

Rustic style is very simple, natural and because of that is getting more and more popular. We’ve already told you of some rustic furniture pieces and crafts for your kitchen, and now we’ll talk about bedrooms and specifically about headboards. A headboard is a thing that can make your bed look original even if it’s very... More

How To Arrange A Fall Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom shows your hospitality and attitude to your guests. Change your guestroom according to the season came, make it cozier and softer for your guests to feel comfortable. Some natural materials and autumn colors will be to the point: orange, brown and gold, yellow and berry red, green and brown. Take a bright... More

37 Cool Hanging Bedside Lamps

Every bedroom feature a bunch of lamps. Usually there are tabletop lamps on bedside tables that are quite practical but looks quite boring. In order to decorate your bedroom in a more original way but save the practicality of bedside lamps you can use hanging lamps. They are perfect for reading and looks very elegant.... More

25 Ideas To Decorate Wall Behind Your Headboard With Stripes

If you’ve already made a nice headboard for your bed it’s time to think about the wall behind it. Probably it’s a good idea to leave it plain in order to make your headboard pop. Although if you think it isn’t you can cover this wall with a nice wallpaper or paint it. We’ve gathered for you a bunch... More

31 Idea To Decorate A Brick Wall Behind Your Bed

Brick walls are quite popular in lofts but you can also find them in some houses if owners like industrial-styled interiors. A wall behind a bed is one of those walls that looks amazing if it’s made of exposed bricks. It looks brutally and make a nice accent on your bed and headboard. There are several options to make... More

15 Functional Bedside Tables You Wish You Had

When you want to use every possible bit of space even such things as bedside tables should be functional. They can serve you as for storage as for other things. For example you can make it to function as a small writing desk or a powder table. In the same time this desk or table could also feature several drawers to store some... More

35 Cool Ideas To Use Space Behind The Bed

There are some bedrooms where placing a bed in the middle of the room is a good idea. Of course that might also be a good idea if you want to be original. Of course in such situation you won’t need to worry about the headboard but you’ll need to worry about the whole layout. There are different ways to use the space... More

7 Bedroom Under Stairs Storage Ideas

That is unusual to have a staircase in a bedroom. Although sometimes in open-plan homes you can find such solution and wasting space under the staircase could be unforgivable luxury in these homes. You can accomodate a wide variety of things under the staircase in the bedroom. You can use this space for a built-in closet,... More

25 Cool Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you’re one of those people who enjoy having friends over then occasionally you’ll need a room for them to stay for a night. A guest bedroom is something between a hotel room and a traditional bedroom. It could be small but there should be a full size bed or twin beds to provide enough sleeping places. Besides it... More

23 Ideas To Use Room Dividers As Headboards

In case your bedroom is small but you like the look of room dividers you can use one there anyway. Use it as a headboard. Even though this isn’t a usual way to use a room divider it’s still quite cool. You’ll get a nice decor element and a headboard at once. For other creative ideas check out mirror headboards... More

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