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43 Practical Bathroom Organization Ideas

It isn’t the first time we want to share a bunch of creative bathroom storage ideas with you. This roundup would be useful as for owners of small bathrooms as for those who own quite big bathrooms. You’ll find ways to use every possible bit of space without cluttering your bathroom with cabinets so... More

21 Cool Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

You might thing why you need a backsplash in a bathroom. The best answer is to make your bathtub to pop out. The best way to make one is to use tiles that are different from other tiles in the bathroom. If your bathroom walls aren’t covered with tiles then it also will protect them against splashes from the bathtub. You... More

33 Cool Attic Bathroom Design Ideas

Have you ever considered to trasform your attic into an out-of-the-way bathroom space? If not, then you need to see these awesome attic bathrooms designs. If yes, then you came to the right place to get some inspiration. An attic can be the perfect space for an extra bath. Exposed beams and skylights can make this bathroom a... More

15 Cute Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

I want to continue showing you some cute kids bathroom so you could get some inspiration and make your kids bathroom perfect. A cheerful bathroom decor can help to start the day right so your kids deserves it. In order to get more ideas check also these kids bathroom design... More

50 Bathroom Vanity Decor Ideas

As you know you can show your decorating talents not only when you’re decorating the main rooms of your house but when you’re decorating bathrooms too. Sometimes it’s even harder to make these small rooms looks nice. You should choose lighting, colors, and finishes very carefully. Besides you should also pay a... More

15 Unusual Bathroom Floor Ideas

Even though floors on these examples are mostly from big luxury bathrooms you can still use some of these ideas to make your bathroom floor more cool and unusual. They mostly are based on creating of different patterns using tiles of different color and shape so that isn’t too hard. Adding some wood or a pedestal for a... More

Star Wars Bathroom Tiles For A Kids Bathroom

We showed you some cool ideas for designing a kids bathroom but I couldn’t pass by this cool idea. If your kid is a fan of Star Wars series then you can decorate some of bathroom walls with pixilated characters using tiles in different colors. You can even use this idea for your own bathroom but I guess it’s time to... More

25 Bathroom Designs With Built-In Fireplaces

We all know that a hot bath is a good way to forget about working day problems. How can you make your bathroom even better for that task? To make a fireplace there. The warm fire, the crackling of burning wood, and the soft glow are perfect to create a relaxing mood. Nowadays installing a fireplace in the bathroom isn’t... More

21 Colorful Bathroom Designs To Inspire You

Bright colors are popular in fashionable clothing so if you want to make your living space more trendy you can use them there too. Your bathroom is the easiest place to start. There are plenty ceramic tiles on the market that will help you to make your bathroom colorful and trendy. Colorful bathroom can definitely add some... More

21 Unusual Bathroom Designs With Wallpapers On Walls

As we already told you, wallpapers isn’t the most popular wall covering for bathrooms. Even though there are plenty vinyl wallpapers on the market that can withstand bathroom’s humidity people still afraid to use them. In my opinion they shouldn’t. Even if you like to take a bath with a lot of steam around you... More

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