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Before & After – Renovation Of A Very Old Desk Bought For $10

Nowadays buying old and used furniture pieces is the cheapest way to furnish your home. Of course you should have some furniture renovating skills if you want them look great. Here is a beautiful old desk bought for $10. During the renovation it was sanded, painted in black, painted in white and antiqued using a sander. The... More

Before & After – Cool Makeover Of Garage Sale Chairs From

Garage sales is the great source of cheap but very cool furniture if you know what to do with it. Terri Williams is a woman has proved that once again. She bought 2 chairs on a garage sale for $5 and using red paint, patterned fabric and new stuffing turned them into colorful, contemporary chairs. Do you also think that these... More

Before & After – Cool IKEA Chair Makeover

Here is an awesome makeover that shows how cool looking you can make a plain wood IKEA chair. Diana Durkes cut capital S from a scavenged piece of 1/2″ thick wood using a jigsaw. After that she smooth its edges using 150 grit sandpaper. Next, she painted the letter and the chair using gold and turquoise spray paints and... More

Before & After – Bold Coffee Table Renovation

Here is a coffee table that Amy from MommaHen has bought at the Flea Market for $15 and made looks beautiful again. Its condition was awful but after some sanding, staining, and painting it become a great decoration for any living room again. If you want to know more about the renovation, visit Amy’s blog for the full... More

Before & After – Making An Office Lamp Chic And Cute

If you have an ugly tabletop lamp you can try to make it better. That’s isn’t very hard with all these tutorials that show how to make cool lampshades. On pictures you can see an ugly $8 lamp turned into a very cute and chic item of decor. Its base is covered with gloss spray paint, while the lampshade is covered... More

Before & After – How To Paint A Leather Chair

If you have some old chairs with leather upholstery or any other leather furniture lying around you can renovate it. Yes, leather can be painted! Here is how you can do that. First of all, clean all surfaces you’re going to paint. Tape off leather all the leather and paint frames and other surfaces. After that paint the... More

Before & After – IKEA Malm Dresser Renovation

IKEA dressers are great because they are cheap but looks good. Malm dresser is easy to assemble and holds a lot of stuff. Here is an awesome upgrade of such chair that Josue has done to show people from Design*Sponge blog. She spent $25 on this total transformation of the dresser. It took her 3 days to finish the job. She sand... More

Before & After – Extreme Makeover Of A Linen Closet

This extreme makeover of a linen closet is done by Irina from All Of Irina. The closet is more than 50 years old and was stained a brown color. During the makeover it was painted in a gray-black color mix. Besides a wallpaper that looks like an English newspaper was applied. An insert with a gold fountain on the gray background... More

DIY Headboard Makeover Using Chair Caning

A new headboard can be quite pricey thing to buy. You can make one by yourself or to renovate an old one. This headboard makeover is inspired by a Ballard’s headboard. The old Oak frame is painted and covered with chair caning using stapler. Molding is used to frame around the rough edges and hold it in place. If... More

DIY Oilcloth Covered Desk

In case you have an old laminate desk that you wish looked better you can fresh it up like Sarah from A Beach Cottage did. She took her old IKEA desk and make its top looks even better than it looked when the desk was new. The top is covered with polka dot oilcloth in putty color with white dots. As you can see the desk looks... More

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