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Before & After – Medallion Table Makeover

This awesome table makeover is done by Christina from Christina’s Adventures. A very old grandmothers table was completely unfinished and re-stained. The table legs were primed and painted in white. After the makeover the tabletop features an awesome painted medallion that in my opinion was a great idea.


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  1. leanne Says:

    this looks so lovely. good job!

  2. Terry Says:

    Where do get stencil that size

  3. Betty819 Says:

    That table really came out nice, but from the before/after picture, it looks like you replaced metal table legs to wood..it looks much better. Love that stencil..great job! You should be proud of yourself..did I miss how you applied the stencil and what paint you used? I’ve never refinished any old furniture except maybe a small bookcase and DH always painted with gloss white enamel paint. “from the old school of thought!” I wished he’d sit down to the computer longer then a few minutes when I begged him to look at something unique..he’s learn a lot from pinterest, wouldn’t he? But now he’s no longer able physically to do very much.

  4. Jamie Says:

    Love the table and would like to do this to mine. Mind sharing where you got the stenci? Thanks

  5. Rebella Says:

    like this. its very awesome decorating, i must be try in my home. thanks before this website very helpful.

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